Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Stopping Arab Terrorism takes Drastic Measures

5775 ended and 5776 began with violence, Arabs attacking Jews. The most intense attacks have been on har habayit, The Temple Mount, which is Judaism's holiest spot in the world. To get facts straight for you, the Kotel, the Western Wall is not Judaism's holiest site. It's an outer wall to the large compound which is the Temple Mount. It's the peel of the mango, not the delicious sweet and refreshing fruit. 

Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue after
Jordan's destroyed it
The Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue
before Jordanian occupation
Until a few hundred years ago, Jews in the HolyLand gathered on the Temple Mount for prayer, not at the Kotel. It's very easy to measure and distinguish which small area, very small actual percentage of the Temple Mount is of too high a level of Kedusha, Holiness to enter. Foreign non-Jewish invaders who had been ruling the Holy Land kept making life for the Jewish residents more and more difficult and restrictive, and that is why prayers on the Temple Mount ceased for the most part, and during the Jordanian occupation (1948-67) of eastern Jerusalem, plus Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley, Jews were strictly forbidden to even enter Jerusalem's Old City where the Temple Mount and Kotel are located.

The news reports after the two day Rosh Hashannah, Jewish New Year Holiday were full of reports of the violence on the Temple Mount. In the miraculous 1967 Six Days War, Israel liberated all of the land that Jordan had been illegally occupying, along with the Golan Heights from Syria and the Sinai from Egypt. Then, totally incomprehensibly, responsibility/sovereignty on the Temple Mount was given to the Muslims, while Jews all over celebrated the return to the Kotel, and for that we should all be wailing and makes calling it the "Wailing Wall" meaningful.

Arabs inter freely while police
chat ignoring them
Security inspection room for
Jews and Christian tourists
It's almost half a century since the Six Days War, and the Arabs have turned the Temple Mount into one of the most violent places imaginable. Unlike Jews who must undergo the most demeaning inspections and cannot even bring in a prayer book, the Arabs are not inspected at all and have been filling their so-called holy places with weapons. And now they are using their weapons against Israel!
Palestinians, Israeli police clash at Jerusalem shrine for third dayMasked Palestinians hurled flares at the security forces, who said they were trying to secure the plaza outside Islam's third holiest shrine to stop a Palestinian attempt to disrupt visits to the compound on Jewish New Year. (Reuters)
Police beef up presence in Jerusalem after days of Temple Mount clashesIn three straight days of clashes on the Temple Mount, police said dozens of Palestinian youths stayed overnight in the al-Aqsa Mosque, and prepared petrol bombs, rocks, fireworks and other means to attack police and Jewish visitors to the holy site. Security officials blamed the Muslim authorities at the site for allowing it to be abused. (Times of Israel)
There is only one thing that will stop it, and it's not easy. Israel must retake the Temple Mount, clean out the mosques there, arrest the rioters and their leaders and strictly inspect everyone, especially the Arabs who want to go up, the women, too. Those enormous robes can easily hide a multitude of weapons and even disguise men.

Only when we are truly sovereign macro and micro in all of the Land of Israel will we have true peace!


Anonymous said...

بشار حافظ الأسد: So, it’s not about Europe didn’t accept them or invite them, as refugees. If you are Worried about them, Stop Supporting terror wrists. That what we think; regarding the Crisis. This IS the cous of the whole issue of refugees;

To Act like Rome, again, should only be a sobering reminder

Rome isn't Rome, these days. Catholics are mostly Shimonim, from my novice perspective

What i find ironic is that ISIL is reverting back to Inquisitory tactics to ensure loyalty, such as erecting administrative tables in auditoriums; to a certain extent, their strict back to basics guardianship is admirable, in the absence of Western Competence

What Sinai, Aza, contentious Israeli cities, and other raw tents need to understand is that, collectively, the aforementioned Rebels are not exempt from strict abiding, the absence of which would ~ consequentely ~ require being imposed with even more very, very severe disciplinary action; i gather, Mindless Athletic Soldiers v Heartless Gym Rats are prepared to exercise accordingly in more proper attire

Anonymous said...

it's become too easy for Rebels to Flee to Sinkhole Causes in the West and South, at Sisi's expense [Catholics, generally, are not permitted to Protest];

to neglect Transjordanian allotments only provokes further disciplinary action;

there are foreign detainees in every corner of Greater Israel, with the exception of Livnon v Yarden

the bloodshed in those aforementioned neglected battlefields require proper monuments

Batya said...

Is this a dialogue or two parts of one?

Dan Kelso said...

Elder and Camera reprimand the NY Times for lying and being apologists for Palestinian terrorists murdering Alexander Levlovitz.
Read this article and the posts after the article.
Vile @NYTimes article minimizes and justifies the stoning murder of a Jew
Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Anonymous said...

Doubt if anyone understood what Anonymous above is trying to say.

Also, saying that the supreme court is unjust is putting it mildly. Everyone and anyone knows that by now. They seem to be the power behind the power in the govmt.

Batya said...

a 17/9/15 01:46, that distorted statement about democracy really got to me.

Dan, yes, good elder article. Like when they blame rockets and not those who launched and made them. People just like us dead and gone. It's that simple.