Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Palestine, The Nation that Never Was and Never Will Be

Search the History Books, the old maps and atlases, and you will never discover a nation or people called Palestine. At most you will discover that Jews who lived here in the Holy Land during  the British Mandate were called Palestinians.

Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (Wikipedia)

The idea of inventing an "Arab Palestine" was just a way for the British and others to block and prevent a Jewish State. And the reason for that is plain and simple;
Remember that original Christian theology is completely antisemitic and the foundation of that religion is that Jews killed their god, their human god. And even though they supposedly adopted the Jewish Bible, and worshiping man is totally forbidden in it, they persist. And in order to prevent the revelation that their religion is a lie, they've spent the past two thousand years trying to destroy the Jewish People.

Christians (of all stripes/denominations) aren't the only ones who need to destroy the Jewish People to justify their religion. The Muslims also stole our Biblical narrative and Land. So Judaism's two greatest enemies have banded together in an attempt to destroy us.

The Christians have a problem. The Muslims are also aiming to destroy them. That's why there is so much emigration of Arabs from Arab countries, especially fit me, to Europe and the Americas. Since most Christian countries nowadays have a very low birthrate, mostly negative, they have found themselves needing immigrants and refugees.

In France the Muslim terrorism will only get worse, and it will spread around the world. Placating the Arabs with a "Palestine" won't stop it. Israel isn't their enemy. They are out to destroy and take over bigger things.

I just needed to get this message out before Yom Kippur. This should be the Yom Kippur sermon in synagogues all over the world, but I doubt if there's a rabbi with the guts to tell the un-pc truth!

Gmar Chatimah Tovah
May Gd Seal us All in The Book of Life!


Shiloh said...

Original Christianity was not anti-Semitic in any way shape or form. It was a movement of opposition Sadducee's. You can disagree with their theology of following the written Torah, issuing their own halachot based on the Tanach, but cannot make any claim it was anti-Semitic. The anti-Semitism was the sole responsibility of Roman apostate Pauline Gentile Christianity that you are all familiar with today. Its founder, actually was a Jew, named Rav Shaul. I wish Jews would do their homework before they spout out.

As far as this latest invention opposed to the former one, please see www.hirhome.com as you will see who started the movement of the fakestinians.

If Israel does not take the offensive of its own destiny, the leftists and world will destroy this country and is not far off from doing just that.

Batya said...

Identity Theft

The worship of Jesus--a person is the antithesis of Judaism.

HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

"At most you will discover that Jews who lived here in the Holy Land during the British Mandate were called Palestinians."

Like my grandma from Haifa! Yes, my mother's very own mother. I'd be very happy to meet relatives of hers who still live there - her name is Nazira COHEN Mizrahi (she got married after moving to NY). She is buried on Staten Island.

Shiloh said...

In a sorts Batya, yes. They took a Jew and made him into firstly 180 degree opposite and then killed and are killing Jews even today because we cannot believe in the man god creation, 180 degree opposite of theirs. But, in ancient Jewish sources, they did believe in a divine messiah figure, I can dig up the source again if you want. So that a messiah being divine is not a foreign concept in ancient Judaism, it was the Rambam who put that belief to rest. We have to understand that even beliefs in Judaism have changed in the last 2000 years. Like I have stated before, the nut of the problem is that IF in fact this person (not the Roman Jesus) was the messiah ben Yosef which was believed by many Jews in the day, we would have to assume that the path of Judaism which he ascribed to, as his followers would be best described as followers of Tanach only, or opposition Sadducee's, would then be in fact correct, thus telling us we have been deceived by the rabbi's. Without getting into arguments, one can see why the Pharisee's, now rabbi's have such a problem and why they are so inclined not to set the record straight about him, about his movement led by his brother James (party of the Circumcision) or about factual history. When the Dead Sea Scrolls came out, this further caused problems in describing the actual movement from internal evidence that the movement, the original messianic movement was in fact fully Jewish, was responsible for the fight against the Romans, but lost because of "Jews" who helped the Romans. Sadly, the victors rewrite history and both Jews and nonJews are paying until this day, until the day the messiah comes actually. Have an easy fast and be inscribed into the book of life. May this be the final fast and turn into a day of Joy!! We deserve it.

Shiloh said...

If you get a chance Batya, in your travels, head to Susia near Hevron and see actual archeology of Jews up to the 3rd century and how they practiced Judaism and their belief. Its all coming out, all of it. Who said the geulah is going to be comfortable.

Batya said...

CDG I doubt you'll find relatives here, but keep searching.