Wednesday, September 2, 2015

2016 USA President, Anybody But a Democrat!

OK, to make it clear, I'm a born American citizen who has lived full-time in Israel since 1970 and has never voted in American Elections. But that doesn't mean that I don't keep up with American politics and policy. It does mean that my priorities are Israel and I'm not shy about saying so. I've also lived in Shiloh since 1981 and as long as I've been aware of the issues, I've believed with all my heart, soul and mind that Jews have an inalienable right to live in all of the Land of Israel.

Like many of my background, I come from an assimilated Jewish home that worshiped the typical Leftist-Democratic policies, but today I am a very different person. Not only do I think that the Democratic Party is a danger to the State of Israel, but I don't think that it is good for the United States of America. I'll let those in America debate the second part of my statement, but when it comes to Israel it's very clear that the Democratic politicians and State Department staff they trust are pro-Arab and pro-Palestine and have been interfering in internal Israeli politics.

Martin Indyk
Hillary Clinton and Martin Indyk are typical, and I have no doubt that Indyk for sure will still have strong influence no matter which Democrat gets in, so I don't want to see another Democrat in the White House.
What a top U.S. diplomat really thought of Netanyahu — from the Hillary e-mail stashIn the e-mail to then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, Indyk said Netanyahu was missing a historic opportunity to close a deal with the Palestinians because he was obsessed with preserving his ruling coalition, feared being branded a sucker and erroneously thought himself the consummate wheeler-dealer in a Middle East bazaar.... “At heart, he seems to lack a generosity of spirit,” Indyk wrote in his September 2010 read on Netanyahu. “This combines with his legendary fear of being seen as a ‘freier’ (sucker) in front of his people to create a real problem in the negotiations, especially because he holds most of the cards.” Indyk wrote that Netanyahu saw himself as a wily negotiator in the 2010 peace talks with the Palestinians when instead he “uses up a lot of goodwill” that “raises doubts about his seriousness.”
No Israel in Map of
"Palestine" PMW
It is no secret that the American definition of "peace in the middle east" means the establishment of a Palestinian sic State. They refuse to recognize the fact that the leaders they propose for that state promote the destruction of the State of Israel and support terrorism against Israelis and Jews. When Indyk, Clinton, Obama, Biden etc. complain of Bibi Netanyahu's intransigence sic what they really mean is that Prime Minister Netanyahu is doing his job protecting the State of Israel from its enemies, both military, diplomatic and terrorist.

OK, there's no guarantee that a victorious Republican won't trust the same sort of advisers or even taken on Indyk, whom I consider one of the most dangerous around. There is no one more dangerous for the State of Israel than a Jew who works for the Left and Arabs.

My bottom line is that the State of Israel has no real allies and should not trust any other country to help. That includes the United States of America!


תיקון ישראל said...

It was a Republican president who got us into this mess -- GW Bush, who was the first US president ever to utter the words "Palestinian State," and who invested $10 trillion in making Iran the dominant Muslim state in the region.

The only rational option for American Jews today is Joe Biden, who is a known phenomenon and a true friend of Israel. On the Republican side I don't see anyone other than Jeb Bush who can actually lead a country.

But to say something as arrogant and uneducated as "Anybody But a Democrat" is to deeply misunderstand the Democratic party and its long history of friendship with Jews and with Israel. You really want to trust a party of evangelicals and crazies over the Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, Tikun Yisrael - really doesn't matter, they are all one. Today, there is no difference between the two parties (they have united) only one is more far left than the other (Dems). The same goes for Israel they are one and the same but the other parties are outwardly also more extreme (far left). In other words, the new order is far, far left. All leading to our redemption because everything is in the open now and H' is showing us that whatever HE will mete out to the world, will be justified, even in the eyes of the most humble. This is what HE did to Pharoah in ancient Egypt; HE gave him chances to repent and then when he didn't, HE hardened pharosh's heart so HE can punish him forever and that is what HE did. Only by learning history and the Jew learning Torah, can we understand true reality.

Batya said...

Biden is no "true friend of Israel."
Davka the religiousligious christians are friendlier than Dems.
I do not trust any of them

Anonymous said...

Batya: Of course, you cannot trust them (rel.xtians). The whole world is against us. We should be glad, as it is a great sign of redemption. We are warned constantly in our Torah, Tehilim, etc. - put not your faith in princes or anyone, anything, any nation; only in H'.

Leah said...

Tikun yisroel, I'm not sorry to say this: your understanding is skewed. Biden and his ilk would gladly push Israel off of a cliff if he could.
He is no friend.of Israel...

Batya said...

Leah, I agree!
a, 2/9/15 21:22, yes