Monday, September 21, 2015

Israeli TV Makes Excuses for Arab Terrorism

Last night, if it would have helped, I would have thrown rocks at my television screen in anger. There was this long newscast about the "poor frustrated miserable Arabs" sic in Jerusalem who attack innocent Jews to prove how miserable they are.  And of course the reporters eagerly lapped up the phony excuses and just justifications for the violence against innocent Jews.

The adult Arabs who were interviewed admitted/insisted that they have no control over the youth whom they also admit are spending their time attacking Jews. And you should remember that the vast majority of serious and fatal attacks on Jews have been by Arabs who have all the Israeli papers necessary to study and work in Israel "proper," because that is technically where they live.

This is so different from the Arabs I work with and sell to in Yafiz and Rami Levy, Sha'ar Binyamin. There most of the Arabs do not have "papers" to enter, work and study in Israel. They are overjoyed to work and shop in the Jewish-owned stores getting the same benefits and prices as ordinary Israelis. I see them disciplining their children, making sure they behave and even trying to get them to use their Hebrew and English with us.

Considering the high percentage of Arabs in Israeli universities and the surprising (for many) amounts of Arab doctors and lawyers in Israel, you should be wondering why the parents of these young Arab terrorists insist that their children have no chance for a good future, and that is why they resort to terrorism.

Of course the Arabs interviewed on that "news" sic show who complained about the sorry state of their neighborhoods didn't mention that they attack municipal workers who come to repair things, that they don't pay taxes, that they build illegally and they even attack, shoot at and stone ambulances and the paramedic staff who try to help them.

Credit: Divuach Rishoni /

In some ways Israeli Arab society is even more anti-Israel than the Arabs in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley. This may sound strange to many, but the truth is that the Arabs who  live near me know what Arab rule is like, and push come to shove, they'd rather not have it. Of course, saying such a thing out loud is dangerous for them. It could be fatal, because Fatah and Hamas are not very tolerant, neither are the international agent provocateur NGOs that have infiltrated Arab society and the Israeli Left.

Arabs who live around Shiloh know very well how corrupt and dangerous the P.A.  Palestine authrity is, and they prefer the status quo to living in an Arab country. Only those on the take are happy with Arab rule. Young Israeli Arabs have been brainwashed into believing that they'd be better off without Israel. They haven't a clue. And they are dangerous.

Don't expect the truth about this from the Israeli media!!


Unknown said...

Martin Ingall, Jerusalem

Did you hear what our fearless leader did? He called a meeting, has his meeting, then got in a helicopter, landed, and took a tour. Then he announced that there will be stronger measures against terrorists.

Well boker fucking tov Bibi. Too little and too late for those of us who are dead, for those of us who are injured, for those of us who are terrorized. A far too little and way too late maneuver. And that's all it is, a maneuver. If he wants forgiveness, I heard Yom Kippur is coming. He can pray to God for that with a minyan, cuz the press' forgiveness doesn't count and he sure as hell won't get it from me.

Question: If there are steps to be taken, why were these steps not taken ten or more years ago? Five or more years ago? This year? This month?

It is amazing what medical science can do today. If you go to the Bloomberg Science Museum in Jerusalem, you can see Bibi's actual spine right there in the same room with the dinosaur skeletons. And to think, he gets around day to day without it and has done so for years. Ain't that something? Well, next time someone asks, where’s Bibi’s backbone, now you know.

Also there, under glass, are both of Boogie Ya'alon's balls. They look like tiny, teeny, itsy bitsy soy beans. Little, tiny, soy bean balls. By the way, Ya'alon's balls are right next to Ehud Barak's, but you need a microscope to see those.

Did you know that the board of directors of the Bloomberg Museum will take a vote next week on donating Ya'alon's balls to the PLO? Abbas says he wants to eat Rocky Mountain oysters at his retirement party. One man's trash is another man's delicacy.

As for the rest of the cartoon characters involved, who masquerade every day as being responsible for the security of the citizens of Israel, I personally have done them all a big favor. I sent everyone an email and they are jumping for joy. As soon as they finish their lattes and tell each other how hard they're working, they can go to for discount coupons for their monthly tampon needs. There are also pads with wings. And, coupons are there for hand cream, which I'm sure they'll like as well.

Batya said...

Martin, yes we too do not trust our government

OnlineCommentingGuy said...

Martin - you are right to be angry, as we all are. But, as it is the season of forgiveness, please bear something in mind. I wrote the following yesterday to a non-Jewish person who doesn't understand Netanyahu's restraint:

"The answer, dear reader, is that you are using common sense.
Israeli leaders use "beleaguered Jew sense" and are convinced that if they do anything harsh enough to truly stop this, they will be hammered by the US and Europe, rhetorically, politically, economically, and eventually militarily "in the name of peace", aside from simultaneously handling the terrorist hoards and murderous State actors of the region.
There is evidence to suggest these fears have a solid foundation.
They therefore try the "easy way" of doing too little, failing to appreciate that they only prolong our own misery.
As a metaphor, it takes great courage to stick your hand into a fire, to thereby fish out the key to your shackles. Our leaders lack that courage by a long shot."

Democratically elected leaders have no more courage that the electorate behind them. Were I in the PM's seat, without a unified and courageous Am Yisrael, I don't know I would have the courage to put our nation through that risky hell either, to bear the responsibility for the pain and death that likely would result, at least in the short term, from such a move. Do you know for sure that you would?

Tracy W said...

Whenever Arabs and leftists complain about the way Israel treats its Arabs - citizens or not - I'd like them to name ONE MUSLIM COUNTRY - just one - where minorities are better treated.

The same thing when Afro-Americans disparage the United States. Ask them to name ONE AFRICAN COUNTRY - just one - where there is no corruption, no bad cops, no violence against the poor and helpless, and particularly NO RACISM. Blacks have all kinds of opportunities and benefits in the USA, and can make use of them to change their lives if only they stay out of criminal activities.

Racism and tribalism are endemic in African society, and people are subject to much more than what the leftists call "microaggressions" (verbal put downs) in the West. It's actually machete wielding blacks killing other blacks because they disagree with their beliefs. This happens all over Africa and in anti-Israel South Africa, where they actually beat up and murder illegal black workers from neighboring countries, to say nothing of their ongoing genocide against white Farmers.

I don't understand why Arabs are never confronted with this fact: If they find Israel so objectionable and in so many ways, please tell us which country are you going to model the Islamic State of Palestine after. Even Jordan, a "moderate" state, has had very discriminatory and harsh treatment of Palestinians.

So next time anyone complains about Israel's treatment of Arabs, ask them to give us a concrete example of a country where Arabs give better treatment to minorities, subversives and terrorists.


Former justice minister Daniel Friedman confirmed Monday – though not in so many words – that the state Prosecution has instilled a reign of terror in which politicians fear that if they do not act in a way that is politically acceptable to it, they will wind up facing criminal investigation.


By the way, in a Mideast where Christians are being enslaved and murdered, Christian Arabs in Israel side with Muslims. Even though the PA harasses and chases out the last of their Christians, Arab Christian schools pledge loyalty to the PLO while demanding more Israeli money.

Batya said...

Tracy, good point