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Sunday, September 6, 2015

Not All Refugees Deserve Our Help!

Isaac Herzog (L) and Hilik Bar (C) shake hands with "Palestinian President" sic Mahmoud Abbas as they attend a meeting in Ramallah October 7, 2013. Reuters
Extreme Left PM wannabe Isaac Buji Herzog has come up with another of his idiotic, dangerous headline grabbing proposals:
Israel must welcome Syrian refugees: Labour's Herzog
"Our people has experienced first-hand the silence of the world and cannot be indifferent in the face of the murder and massacre raging in Syria," Herzog posted on his Facebook page. Speaking at a panel discussion in Tel Aviv, he called on the government "to act toward receiving refugees from the war in Syria, in addition to the humanitarian efforts it is already making." (Yahoo News)

Herzog can't actually believe that those Syrian refugees, who although they want to get away from their own awful government can be law abiding Israelis? Are the Arabs here in Israel peaceful, law-abiding and taxpaying etc?

Just because those Syrians may not get along with Syrian Dictator Bashar al-Assad does not put them in the category of the Jews who fled Hitler's Europe and other Jewish refugees over the millennia. There is also no connection to the Vietnamese refugees Menachem Begin invited to live in Israel when he was Prime Minister.

After the Lebanese war, Israel also accepted allies from South Lebanon whose lives would be in danger if they had stayed there. If you understand spoken Hebrew, here's the plea of a young Israeli-Lebanese woman from that community.

מכתב לבוז'י הרצוג מפליטי צבא דרום לבנון בישראל
תגובתה הנסערת של קסנדרה, בת למשפחת צד"ל מהצפון על רקע דבריו השערורייתים של יו"ר מפלגת העבודה מר בוז'י הרצוג לקליטת פליטים מסוריה: "איפה היית 15 שנה מר הרצוג ??, אנחנו כבר 15 שנה בארץ וטרם טיפלתם בנו, כיצד אתה יכול להיות אדיש לסבל של אלו שחירפו את נפשם למען המדינה? ולעומת זאת כל כך רגיש לסבל של הסורים, העוינים את ישראל ?!!! אבקש את תשובתך הכנה, אנא שתפו.
Posted by ‎עמותת אנשי צד"ל לשעבר - ע"ר‎ on Saturday, September 5, 2015
שראל ?!!! אבקש את תשובתך הכנה, אנא שתפו.

She totally opposes Buji's proposal. When it was posted on my facebook page, there were many comments bringing up further problems in Israel with his ridiculous idea. And don't forget that Mahmoud Abbas is also claiming to be in favor of it, although he has the most to lose, because they will support Hamas over Fatah any day.

And to show Buji's unabided hypocrisy and illogic, his Leftist Labor party is always claiming that poverty in Israel is climbing, so why welcome more non-Jewish anti-Israel refugees? We haven't solved so many of our own socio-economic problems? Israel is at present full of illegals who are taking over the poorer neighborhoods in the large cities pushing out and terrorizing Jewish residents. The crime rates in those areas are climbing.

True Jewish Morality demands that we first take care of our own and we aren't doing it. Are we?


Anonymous said...


See Elisheva's brilliant comments!

NormanF said...

The Zionist Union thinks favoring non-Jewish Arabs and Africans is a vote-getter.

Mizrahi Jews in South Tel Aviv and Ashkelon beg to differ.

Buiji is so clueless he doesn't understand why his party lost the last election.

His latest proposal will go over real well with Middle Israel, too.

CDG, Yerushalayim, Eretz Yisrael Shlemah said...

No, we are not taking care of our own. You are right.

Batya, would you like to be part of a blogging group that helps advertise events intended to get Jewish prayer back on Har haBayit?

I'm sure you know Yosef Rabin, a fellow blogger of yours at A7 - I was at the demonstration tonight near the Cords Bridge here in Yerushalayim, and he told me he'd like to get a bunch of us bloggers to help spread the word. I hope that this will in some way help us take care of our own.

See my latest post, about the demonstration. Restore Jewish Prayer to Har haBayit!

Batya Medad said...

a, ok
Norman, so true
CDG yes, interested, but I don't know him

Anonymous said...

Did everyone forget, Israel is supposed to be the Jewish state - there are no refugees to be taken in according to the law of the Jewish people, the Torah. But, for our enemies, it's a great idea, flood the Land with enemies and foreigners of all stripes, and there goes the 'Jewish' state. It's the size, now, of the state of New Jersey, but it's supposed to commit suicide according to the nations of the world.

Batya Medad said...

Only Buji forgot.