Tuesday, September 29, 2015

אין חדש Nothing New: Anti-Zionist "White Paper" Still Waving

The recent "scare statistics" claiming that too many Jews are being born in Israel and the Land can't hold them/us all so reminds me of the notorious Chamberlain-backed, yes, the same British leader who made the "deal" with Hitler, "White Paper" that severely limited Jewish immigration to the area that the League of Nations had mandated to Great Britain to turn into a Jewish State.
The White Paper of 1939 was a policy paper issued by the British government under Neville Chamberlain in which, among several key provisions, the idea of partitioning Palestine was abandoned. (It was also known as the MacDonald White Paper after Malcolm MacDonald, the British Colonial Secretary who presided over its creation).
The paper also provided (as alternative to partition) for creating an independent Palestine to be governed by Palestinian Arabs and Jews in proportion to their numbers in the population by 1939 (section I). Further: a limit of 75,000 Jewish immigrants was set for the five-year period 1940-1944 (consisting of a regular yearly quota of 10,000 and a flexible supplementary quota of 25,000); after 1944 the further immigration of Jews to Palestine would depend on permission of the Arab majority (section II); and restrictions were placed on the rights of Jews to buy land from Arabs (section III). (Wikipedia)
Today's Israel, even the populous coastal area is not all that densely populated. Actually, it is more than Gaza which is inaccurately called "densely populated" in order to mislead everyone. Ruthie Blum in the algemeiner has an excellent article refuting the recent distorted scare statistics.
Israeli Demography Expert Refutes Claim That Baby Boom Is Bad for Jewish State’s Economy
Responding to a report in i24 News on Saturday, according to which Israel’s “baby boom” spells bad news for the tiny country, Yoram Ettinger told The Algemeiner on Sunday that he is not surprised the doomsayers who used to predict Israeli’s downfall due to the Jewish-Arab birthrate ratio are now using evidence that disproves their theories to reach equally bleak conclusions.
“It is crucial to note that the trend of Jewish fertility is higher than that of Arab fertility,” said Ettinger, a consultant on U.S.-Israel relations and chairman of special projects at the Ariel Center for Policy Research. “In addition, among Jews in Israel, ultra-Orthodox fertility is decreasing, while secular fertility is exploding.” (algemeiner
Considering that most of the developed western world aka the advanced countries have a major problem due to their low birthrates and shrinking populations, they should be holding up Israel as an example of success. Maybe they are just jealous...

The only solution many European countries have nowadays is to open their gates to all sorts of immigrants which is causing major social and cultural changes along with violence in many cases. The unusually high percentage of male refugee/immigrants in their twenties and thirties who arrive without families is worrying and will no doubt cause much more serious trouble in the future.

Visiting the Jerusalem Bloomfield Children's Science Museum

Davka, Israel has the healthiest population growth rate in the developed world, and we should be very optimistic about the future of the State of Israel!


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

People who have bad motives and attitudes towards the Jewish people (ssshhh! They want us all dead!) will say things are bad whether we have few people or many. What can we say? Thank G-d we are having it good here on the whole.

But...The shift from Orthodox increase to secular increase should be noticed by religious people in hu"l. Increased anti-Semitism outside Israel plus decreased religious influence here does not spell a good future for G-d lovers either here or there. Where are the feet of the hishtadlut crowd now?

Mo'adim l'simcha...

Batya said...

Jewish birthrate highest here in Israel