Thursday, September 10, 2015

Rivlin versus Netanyahu

In his new position as President of the State of Israel, Likud veteran Ruby Rivlin is sounding more and more like Leftist Labor leader Isaac Herzog:
AFP Photo/Gali Tibbon
Netanyahu missed chances to repair US ties: Rivlin
Netanyahu has caused ripples with his outspoken attacks on the July 14 accord on Iran's controversial nuclear programme between Israel's arch foe Tehran and world powers led by the United States.
"It seems to me that there have been three periods during which we could have envisaged a renewed dialogue with the United States despite our differences of opinion," said the president, whose role is purely ceremonial. (Yahoo news)
Any Israeli who blames Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for the trouble with the United States is playing dangerous political games from the enemy's side.

The problems between the United States Government and the Israeli Government are not due to Bibi, and Ruby should know that.

Firstly, there's an old intrinsic problem between the USA and Israel which even predates the establishment of the State of Israel. The United States State Department has always been pro-Arab and anti-Israel. In 1947, it strongly recommended to then President Harry Truman to vote "NO" for a Jewish State in the United Nations. That is the truth, and things haven't really changed, although after much personal debate Truman defied them and had his representative vote "YES." And over the decades there possibly were a few U.S. Presidents who weren't ideologically in favor of Arabs over Israelis, but I can't think of any offhand.

Beautifully crafted, pro-Israel speeches by Jewish writers like Eli Wiesel for visiting U.S. Presidents should not be confused with actual American policy. 

Too many Jews and Israelis can't tell the difference between policy and stage production. Isn't it obvious that a visiting or hosting POTUS is not going to say the truth, that the USA has never supported a Jewish State over a theoretical Arab one aka Palestine sic, and wouldn't lose sleep over the need for a Post-State of Israel wing in their fancy Holocaust Museum?

Remember that the incredibly still-worshipped four time Democratic President Franklin D Roosevelt not only did not have saving European Jewry as a war aim during World War Two, but he kept out fleeing Jewish refugees during the war as much as possible. And after the war the Americans made it as difficult as possible for any refugees to enter the United States.

And today, with Barack Hussein Obama as U.S. President, Israel hasn't a chance. Obama stated very early on that his greatest dream is to facilitate the establishment of a "State of Palestine." Of course, he insists that it wouldn't harm Israel. Yes, he's the same one who stakes his personal reputation that the Iran "deal," his term, is good for world peace. So if you think he's reliable about Iran, then you no doubt can trust him re-Israel and the Arab terrorists. But if you, like many, think that his Iran deal is dangerous, then rethink everything else he supports including Palestine, sic.
Poll: Support for Iran Deal Plummets to Lowest Level Yet
A rally against the nuclear deal. Photo: Facebook.
American support for the nuclear deal between six world powers led by the U.S. and Iran has dropped to an incredible 21 percent low, staining what the Obama administration hoped would be its crowning foreign policy achievement in the second term. (Algemeiner)
There is no reason at all for Prime Minister Netanyahu to be trying to appease Obama and the United States State Department. Simply put:
They are our enemies.
And it is outrageous for Israeli officials, like President Rivlin to claim otherwise and to blame Prime Minister Netanyahu for the problems between the two governments!


NormanF said...

Israel needs to stop being a rag people step on to wipe their shoes on.

You know, how Iranian officials walk over an Israeli flag as a sign of contempt.

The sooner Israel frees itself from abject dependency on America, the sooner it will be a mature country.

Israel needs to rely on itself and begin to understand that if it doesn't look out for and defend its interests, no one else will.

And President Rivlin of all people, should be the first to appreciate it.

Netivotgirl said...

Batya, bravo on a beautiful post! I have nothing to add, because NormanF said what I intended to with great panache!! I am disappointed in Rivlin, and for years have been waiting for our government to end its dependence on the USA. After all, we are NOT the 51st state of the Union!

Anonymous said...

Qualifications for a politican: 1. to be corrupt 2. totally dishonest with their so-called idealogy, etc., etc. No surprise here. Why are people surprised when soon as they get into power/position they want - the truth comes out and they do not care. They owe allegiances only to themselves.

Batya said...

Norman, amen!
NG, thanks, amen, too.
a, sad, I'm not that cynical, still have hope and ideals

LondonMale said...

There has to be a differentiation between the American President and his allied Liberal "Activists", from the heartland of America and the American people who have seen their sons and daughters fight for freedom from terrorism in the dusty lands of Asia and who do not trust their current President.

Shabbat Shalom and L'Shana Tova to all writers and readers of this website.

Batya said...

LM, good point. I think that grassroots, the old silent majority, America does like Netanyahu a lot. They, davka, don't like Obama.