Friday, September 25, 2015

5775 Had a Bloody Terrorized Start and 5776?

5775, last year began with some of the most awful Arab terrorist acts. We must remember that Arab terrorism is a strong fanatical ideology which not only is ingrained in the Arab mind and culture, but most of the world, including Israeli Leftists, constantly make excuses for it and accept it as a norm.
In the past 12 months the lives of thousands of Israelis have been threatened by Palestinian terror. Driving your car, taking the bus, or simply walking around- daily routine has become dangerous to Israelis. Here is a recap of all the main terrorist attacks against Israelis in the last year. (IDF)
Here are a few photos to remind you...
November 18- While morning prayers were underway, a terrorist went on a killing spree in a synagogue in Har Nof, Jerusalem, killing five people and injuring seven.
December 25- A molotov cocktail was thrown at a car by Palestinians near the Ma’ale Shomron community in the Samaria region, leading an 11 year-old girl to suffer third degree wounds to over 50% of her body.
Jun. 29- Four Israelis were shot and injured in a drive-by shooting attack near Shilo. One of them, Malachi Rosenfeld, HaY"D, died in the hospital the next day.
Not that I planned it when I chose the pictures, but I know family members from all these terror attacks. Yes, Israel is a very small country, and the Jewish People are all connected. We feel each other's pain. The loss of a person and the pain from injury should be felt by us all. As I wrote after Yom Kippur, we pray in the plural and pray for the entire Jewish People.
 I consider the complicity of the NGO and Leftist ideologues in supporting the Arab terrorists to make them equally guilty along with the Arab terrorists who shoot, stab, firebomb and throw rocks, bricks and boulders.

Only when the truly good people of the world reject and sincerely condemn Arab terrorism will the terrorism begin the cease. This is a long process for sure, and the time to start is now!


Anonymous said...

Be specific: I won't tolerate Edom nor Edom's Fallen, unlike Moshe [don't entertain Shallow Idolatry of him either or Risk further Rehab], so do not pretend Edomites are qualified for anything but to be Condemned to Death, courtesy v Hashem

Egypt repented, so I expect Saudis to obey and kill themselves or else I'll summon Eval Malkhhim to kill Edomites swiftly

Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't yet noticed, there's no shortage of Police to hound Rebellious Saudi Edomites

B"H, I enjoy imposing Misery upon those Edomite Mamzerim

Looking forward to Occupying Edom: consider their oil Greater Israel's, from henceforth

Batya said...

No comprendo; I haven't a clue as to what you, a, are talking about.

Anonymous said...

May we see the need for fewer posts such as these in the coming year. Yes, Israel is a small country. Perhaps it is better that way as then we truly do all mourn together. For how can one not be affected at least in some small way in our neighbour's pain even if we don't personally know the victim.

Shana Tova

Batya said...