Sunday, September 27, 2015

U.N., France et al Raising Flag of Terror

No doubt that the worst, most dangerous for the State of Israel and the "free world" as we know it for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to have ever done was his decision to back the "two state solution" and promote the idea of a Palestinian state.

Netanyahu sincerely (I should hope) and foolishly believed that his conditions for such a state would be accepted by the world and that he (as leader of the State of Israel) would be given the authority to give final approval for such a state. He also dangerously decided that if he made the conditions difficult enough and contrary to the Arab terrorist Palestinian sic culture and ideology, those conditions would never be met, so the establishment of Palestine would never happen.

Palestine received observer member status
in 2012 [Getty]
The truth is that the world, the United Nations, all the countries other than Israel, the international media, NGOs etc don't give a hoot about conditions. All they care about is that Netanyahu promised to support a Palestinian state, and he better get off of his high horse and just shut up and let them make it official.

Mahmoud Abbas, in his compound in Ramalla, is treated by many as a legitimate national leader on par with Netanyahu himself. This is all the fault of the Israeli Government which invented and supports the P.A. Palestinian Authority, first by propping up the terrorist Yasser Arafat and rescuing him from obscurity over twenty years ago.

And now the United Nations is upgrading the P.A. by adding their flag.
In a discussion that began before the adoption and continued afterwards, delegates considered various aspects of the resolution.  Calling it “a historic vote”, the observer of the State of Palestine said that the General Assembly had sent an important message to the Palestinian people at a critical time.  While raising the flag would not end the occupation, it would signify to Palestinian people everywhere that the international community supported them. 


Various countries, most recently France have announced that they will be attending the ceremony. Yes, this whole Palestinian State business is mushrooming, and nobody is paying attention to their plans. The aim of the Palestinian sic leadership is the destruction of the State of Israel. That's what they train their military/police to do and that is what they are teaching their children, with the support of international funding.
Happy campersMost of these children attend UNRWA schools and although UNRWA did not actively sponsor these camps there is no doubt that the children who attended will return to their schools newly re-imbued with a burning desire to murder Jews and become jihad martyrs.
The sponsorship of these camps originates in Iran which provides funds and weapons to terror groups running them. Thanks to Obama, Kerry and the others who have provided Iran with the additional billions needed to finance terror against Israel and Western interests, camps of this nature will expand in the future and the poisonous venom will spread.
Anyone who still harbours the inane notion that peace is about to break out and that the next generation is being educated towards tolerance and democracy should have their illusions shattered after watching this documentary. However, given past experiences, those who suffer from self-induced delusions will never be convinced even when the stark evidence hits them in the face.
Published on Sep 10, 2015This film details Iran’s direct funding of terrorism to its proxy military operatives, Hezbollah and Hamas. With billions of dollars of unfrozen assets expected to be unfrozen and available to Iran, Iranian leaders have stated that they will continue to fund Hamas. This film includes interviews with boy and girl child soldiers of Hamas, who describe their intention to destroy Israel, with guns, and other weapons. The interviews and video of UNRWA-educated children was filmed in Gaza in the summer of 2015.
We must do everything to stop it!!


Anonymous said...

They are Anusim, as are their kin in Yarden.

I would expect Greater Israel to educate them on that, accordingly, rather than instigate Conflict.

I do not respect Unqualified, Inadequate, Vague, Political teachers, who are promptly Fired for Failing to be clear and concise

If Sinai and Aza are integral to Israel, then teach them properly, regarding their background

Don't rely on Egypt to teach Israeli lessons; don't entertain Doubt by neglecting responsibilities.

If, indeed, the wei is narrow, then dress for the occasion, whatever that may be: driver, for example, or bodyguards

What is a Baal Teshuvah from Aza? How would David shepherd Azaim? How would Moshe discipline them all?

Batya said...

Huh? A, what are you talking about?