Monday, March 3, 2014

We Need Unity, Not Protest Rallies!!

We Jews here in the Holy Land are under great danger, and G-d is getting very impatient.  This year's winter weather is a sure sign that G-d is angry with us.  We haven't had enough rain. Our rainfall and other weather conditions are indications of how The Almighty has graded our behavior, most especially towards Eretz Yisrael and bein adam v'chareiro, fellow Jew.

U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama is back on his theme that we had better sign a deal quickly, even though the vast majority of Israelis know perfectly well that all of these proposed "deals" will just further endanger us.
Speaking to Bloomberg’s Jeffrey Goldberg in an interview published Sunday, Obama warned that time was running out to negotiate a peace agreement.
Obama further claimed that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas “is sincere about his willingness to recognize Israel and its right to exist.”
“We are coming to a point, though, over the next couple of months where the parties are going to have to make some decisions about how they move forward,” he said. “And my hope and expectation is that, despite the incredible political challenges, that both Prime Minister Netanyahu and Abbas are able to reach past their differences and arrive at a framework that can move us to peace.”
Instead of separating themselves from most Israelis and the State of Israel, chareidi leadership should be working hard to unite with us, find solutions good for all.


If only these strong masses of good Jews would use their power to work together with other Israelis instead of holding themselves as if they are a separate people. Davka in recent years you can see chareidi Jews in more and more jobs and positions here in Israel.  That should be their aim, and that's the only way to influence, through darchei noam, gently more and more Jews to live Torah observant lives.

Photo Credit: Kobi Gideon / GPO /Flash 90
Instead of protesting against the State of Israel and the IDF, chareidim should have spearheaded a rally to encourage Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to be strong against American pressure. The Public Letter by Women in Green's Nadia Matar and Yehudit Katsover  is on the right track, and chareidi leadership should be joining them.
Dear Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Today you are your starting out on your complex mission to the United States and may you have Heaven’s support and the support of the Land of Israel. He who turns history presents you with the challenge of your life at an optimum point in time. A quick glance at what is happening around us reveals how international attention has passed from Israel to the Ukraine and everyone is alert and prepared to see if the weakness of the American president’s policies will lead to the collapse of the United States’ international standing. The experience of the recent past in Syria teaches us that Obama has not kept his promises about the red lines that he himself stated. In Egypt as well as in Libya Obama supported the wrong side and his failed policy has brought the entire Middle East to a state of instability and shock. Who better than you knows that in the Iranian question as well, Obama made declarations, promises and commitments about his commitment to the security of Israel while in effect, gave a green light to continue the Iranian nuclear program. Mister Prime Minister, every child understands today that we must not depend on the Obama administration and we must not submit to his decrees. The eyes of the People of Israel accompany you in your travels. Up until now you have maneuvered yourself wisely, and indeed, we hope that you will have the wisdom to take advantage of the momentum that has been presented to you to raise Israel’s esteem in the world and repair the long-range damage to the consciousness that were done by the declarations in your Bar Ilan speech. The damage that was done by that declaration must and can be repaired now. At this juncture, when the entire world is alert and everyone realizes the importance of maintaining the sovereignty of Ukraine, this is the time to clarify in a great voice to the entire world that we intend to guard our sovereignty in the Land of Israel like the pupils of our eyes. We must impose Israeli sovereignty over Judea and Samaria and the Jordan Valley. From your long years of acquaintance with the Arab “partner” and the blood-soaked history that our people has experienced, you know well, Mr. Prime Minister, that the Arabs have never recognized and will never recognize Israel as the state of the Jewish People, regardless of any borders. We are at a decisive time in which it is possible to strengthen our position. As you leave Jerusalem, the Women in Green movement and the Forum for Sovereignty are with you and will accompany you with a very large poster that will be placed at the exit from Jerusalem for the coming weeks and it reads: “YES to Sovereignty over Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley”. In a discussion on the expulsion from Gush Katif and northern Samaria that was held in Ariel a few days ago, Eyal Arad claimed that the Right failed because it did not present an alternative. This is not true. There is an alternative! A realistic, Zionist plan does exist – application of Israeli sovereignty. This plan is indeed accompanied by difficulties but the difficulties associated with sovereignty are preferable to the physical and spiritual destruction entailed in the establishment of a terrorist Palestinian state in the heart of our Land, a stone-throw away from Ben Gurion Airport. We must not think in terms of survivalism, rather we must aspire to realize our hold on the Land and our sovereignty in the Land of Israel. This will bring calm to our Arab neighbors, economic growth and an improvement in the security situation. From the city of our forefathers we send you the greetings of Caleb ben Yefuneh: Let us ascend, for we can succeed. Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar Women for Israel’s Tomorrow – Women in Green – Sovereignty.
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Chodesh Adar Tov, May All the Evil be Reversed and Turned into Good!


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