Sunday, March 2, 2014

The Two 2 Weeks to Purim Countdown Havel Havelim

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Chodesh Tov! This week's Parshat Shavua, Torah Portion of the week is פְקוּדֵי Pekudai, Keep Accounts, so calling this edition of Havel Havelim a "countdown" does make sense. Also Judaism is full of numbers and counting; no doubt that's why Jews are considered as being good at business, nu?

At present Blog Carnival is "down" again, so all of our communications will be via our facebook page until further notice.  You can also email me  shilohmuse at gmail dot com.  Next week's host is Esser Agaroth; please send your posts/links and any you see that fit the guidelines to Havel Havel is THE international Jewish blog carnival and has been going on for over a decade.  It's weekly and posted either before or after Shabbat, depending on the convenience of the host blogger.

Please read, comment and share the carnival, round-up, and all of the various links, thanks.

I don't know about you, but I have a busy week, so no more chitchat.  On with the show.  Please remember that I may not agree with the content of the various posts.  Each blogger is responsible for his/her own posts. Quite a few were sent in by their readers and not the bloggers themselves, and I found the rest. To guarantee your blog's inclusion, you must send your links to the host of the week.

And as my norm, I'm just posting the titles, embedded with the links so click and enjoy.

7 New Signs in Jerusalem
Friday Thoughts
Demographic Nonsense
Riiiiinnngggg!!! "This is God calling."
I Found It!
To The Hope Of Israel Baptist Mission, Inc.
John Judis's Truman Book Backs My Theory
Fashion Friday: 1970 Edition
Honenu versus the Israeli Mainstream Media
Why allude to the Churban specifically in Pekudei?
Keeping Judea and Samaria will not be Determined by Israeli Public Opinion
Imagination Under Attack
Lovely Nachla'ot
Blessed Intuition
Exact Text of New Israeli Draft Law… or not
Jewish Agency, If You Really Want to Help, Then Don't Help!
What we like about Kiryat Shmuel (and you might, too!)
Queen Esther, Monical Lewinsky and Sara Netanyahu
"Occupied Palestine," sic, An Oxymoron
A Shemittah Dilemma
It's Not Even Purim, but Don't Try to Tell it to The Plants
INN Headline: 'Lapid Will Be Murdered Like Rabin'
One more Shaun Casey visit to Israel-haters pops up
You Can Call Me a "Neanderthal," but I'm Not Looking to Adopt Tefillin, Torah Reading etc. to My Life
Israeli Leftist MK Zahava Gal-On Is Right Again!
Rav Aharon Lichtenstein, the Quintessential Scribe, has been awarded the Israel Prize 2014
Why pay only 'migrants' to leave?
Why the Western World is in Surprisingly Poor Health
Save the Temple Mount
Passover Is Six Weeks Away


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Great edition!

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The Two Weeks to Purim Countdown Haveil Havalim Is Up!

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