Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Time Has Come for Israel to Finally Leave the Faux "Peace Talks."

Enough is enough! We all know that the Arab, and that's including the so-called "moderate" sartorial Abbas's vision of "peace with Israel" is to weaken it so that they can easily destroy us. As the Obama-Kerry deadline for "a deal" approaches, Abbas is working with his Arab League buddies to propose something that Obama and Kerry will like, but it'll be the death for the State of Israel.
Arab leaders whose summit begins in Kuwait Tuesday, March 25, are set to carry hard-line ultimatums for the US-sponsored Palestinian-Israeli negotiations as a means of derailing US Secretary of State John Kerry’s stubborn effort for a peace accord, and as a red flag for President Barack Obama three days before he lands in Riyadh..
DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources report the Arab League summit’s two-day agenda includes a veto on recognizing Israel as the Jewish national state,a resolution that will be binding on all members including Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas.
Another resolution would mandate the proclamation of all parts of East Jerusalem, including Al Quds al Sharif (Temple Mount) and the entire Old City of Jerusalem, the location of the shrines of three faiths, as the capital of a Palestinian state. This is diametrically opposed to US and Israeli positions.
Another ultimatum the Arab leaders propose to issue would halt Jewish settlement on the West Bank and Jerusalem, freeze development and ultimately dismantle all traces of a Jewish presence in a future Palestinian state.
Yet another demand will be for “the immediate release of all the Palestinian political prisoners in Israeli jails” – by which they mean all Palestinians serving time after being convicted of terrorist crimes, including Israeli Arabs.
It's worse than illogical for Israel to keep on participating in these faux "peace talks." Neither United States President Barack Hussein Obama, nor his Secretary of State Kerry, nor the P.A.'s Abbas wants peace, true peace. They just want "a deal" and the praise and prizes of the world.

The time has come for Israel to finally throw in the towel and tell the world and Israelis the truth. Mahmoud Abbas is incapable of making peace for the simple reason that he doesn't want peace with Israel.  He supports the Arab terrorists and wants to destroy the State of Israel. And we can't trust any country to assist us, not even the United States, because Obama considers facilitating the establishment of a "Palestinian state" to be one of his chief aims as in international figure and President of the United States. How it affects Israel isn't important to him, because he thinks that we stole Palestinian sic land.

Israel will be a lot safer if we end this farce. The sooner the better!

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