Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Another Arab Terrorist Release, Salami Tactics-All Traif

Salami Tactics have been used against Israel in too many ways, the ideological, the security, the unthinkable. We've been watching our "red lines" drop and droop like delicate flowers in a hamsin wind.
Salami tactics, also known as the salami-slice strategy, is a divide and conquer process of threats and alliances used to overcome opposition. With it, an aggressor can influence and eventually dominate a landscape, typically political, piece by piece. In this fashion, the opposition is eliminated "slice by slice" until one realizes (too late) that it is gone in its entirety. In some cases it includes the creation of several factions within the opposing political party and then dismantling that party from the inside, without causing the "sliced" sides to protest. Salami tactics are most likely to succeed when the perpetrators keep their true long-term motives hidden and maintain a posture of cooperativeness and helpfulness while engaged in the intended gradual subversion.
It's hard to think of one single ideological principle that remains in the Israeli position visa-vi the Arabs and the farcical fantasy faux "peace sic process."

Over the years, the decades, it has been davka the so-called Right wing Likud that has adopted and activated what was once the ideology of the extreme Left. In the hands of the Left, it was just talk, but it was the Likud that gave the Sinai to Sadat and Gush Katif plus Northern Shomron to Hamas and local Arab terrorists.

It was also the Likud that has been freeing convicted Arab terrorist murderers, since the jails have long emptied of the unsuccessful terrorists, those who needed another chance to kill Jews. When it comes to terrorism, Israel allows more chances than a baseball game to score.

Not only have they freed convicted Arab terrorists in exchange for imprisoned Jews, but now we empty the jails just to "encourage" the terrorist leaders to talk to us.  Duh!?! What's there to talk about?
Under the framework agreement last July that led to the current Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, Israel was to release 104 convicted terrorists in four stages. Israel has already released 78 prisoners, with one final tranche left to go.
Palestinians celebrate the third installment of the prisoner release by Israel at the presidential compound in Ramallah, December 31, 2013 (photo credit: Issam Rimawi/Flash90)

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As we all know, the Arabs aren't interested in making true peace with us, and the world doesn't care if the subsequent lack of security for Israel enables the Arab terrorists to attack, murder and destroy the State of Israel.

World leaders sic have even convinced themselves that Iran is only a danger to Israel, so they yawn and ignore even the most irrefutable facts. They don't want to know the truth, and unfortunately Israeli leaders/politicians in power ignore that truth as Ruthie Blum put so well in her recent article,  Netanyahu must heed his own warnings.
On Monday, with cameras on the massive Iranian shipment, Netanyahu was trying to impress upon the international community that while it is engaging in negotiations with Iran, the "brutal regime has not abandoned its deep involvement in terrorism, its systematic efforts to undermine peace and security throughout the Middle East and its ambition to destroy the state of Israel. … Those engaged in self-deception must awaken from their slumber; we cannot allow Iran to continue building nuclear weapons."...Still, Netanyahu himself is engaged in diplomatic negotiations that are no less false, with a partner whose intentions are just as ill.Though the Palestinian Authority is a weaker entity than Iran, it shares the Islamic Republic's aim to annihilate Israel. Like Rouhani, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas is credited with being a more moderate alternative to his predecessor. And like Tehran, Ramallah keeps protesting its innocence, as a way of keeping the funds flowing.Netanyahu is fully aware of this, which is why he has been insisting that the P.A. curb terrorism, desist from incitement and recognize Israel as a Jewish state as preconditions for a "peace" deal.But peace isn't on the table, as P.A. behavior -- which includes Abbas' glorifying of suicide bombers -- indicates. What is up for discussion is an Israeli withdrawal from territory inhabited by Jews. And what has already taken place is the release of many Arab terrorists from Israeli jails, in exchange for absolutely nothing.

Jewish Currents 
We have no choice but to go back to the old principles that facilitated our victories and survival in the early days of Zionism and the State of Israel.

  • There is no such thing as Palestine!
  • No Jewish community should be destroyed!
  • No release of Arab terrorists!
  • All of this Land is Jewish; we are returning to build a Jewish State!


NormanF said...

Israel will release the final tranche of Arab terrorists on schedule and then the Palestinian Arabs will walk out of the pretend peace talks.

Nearly a year has passed and Israel's leaders have learned nothing and forgotten everything! Its just as well this wretched farce will be soon be over.

Batya said...

Norman, not just a year. This has been going on for decades. "Wishful thinking" seems to be the big addiction among our politicians, media, academics etc.

sheldan said...

What I'd really like Netanyahu to say:

"We agreed in good faith to the 'peace process,' and agreed to negotiations with the Palestinians. For the record, we offered various peace deals that were very generous to the Palestinians, including some that violated our own 'red lines' (i.e., the offer under Olmert that gave 95% of the West Bank AND EVEN OFFERED SOME OF JERUSALEM). The result was a rejection (by Arafat) and not even a counter-offer. The result was the 'Al-Aqsa Intifada,' which evidence shows was planned in advance.

"We fulfilled our commitment (as debatable as it may be) of withdrawing from Gaza in 2005 (as negotiated by Sharon). Instead of concentrating on building a state in Gaza, the result was rocket attacks in Sderot.

"We returned to the negotiating table, and the Palestinians refused to negotiate, even with our agreeing to a settlement freeze (again debatable), until nine months of a ten-month period had passed. Then they had the nerve to say they would walk out unless the freeze was extended! (Eich omrim, 'What the HELL...'?)

"Now, we only got the Palestinians to join these one-year talks by releasing 104 terrorists from our jails, knowing they would go back to work and nothing would change.

"Well, President Obama, Secretary of State Kerry, President Abbas, European Union, and everyone else who would like to paint us as the villain for the failure of negotiations: This is the LAST time we will release terrorists from our prisons, and we will fight just as hard as the Palestinians are for what we want. The record shows that we have held up our end of the bargain. Maybe it would have been better had the PLO not been rehabilitated, but since they have been, we refuse to waste our time and everyone else's because we refuse to give the Palestinians all they want. Let them walk out. (Actually, we should have the guts to walk out and take the heat from the rest of the world.) If they keep refusing to take any kind of 'yes' for an answer (i.e., any settlement which benefits Israel in any way), then let the record show that they had their chances to achieve a settlement, and they will continue to get less and less. After all, these are the same people who refused the Partition Plan of 1947. They chose to go to war in 1948 and lost. They went to war in 1967, and this time we acquired not only the 1949 cease fire lines but the West Bank and Gaza (ironically, this would be the land that made up the 23% left from splitting off Jordan in 1922--maybe THIS is the border that we should have had, if we weren't so concerned about public opinion).

"Let the Palestinians know that if they don't negotiate in good faith, if they continue to attempt terrorism, we will strike back regardless of what the world says. We don't intend to kill innocents, but we will do whatever it takes to destroy the Palestinian terrorists, world opinion be damned. You are now on notice: If you side with the Palestinians, you risk siding with evil--and we will do everything we can to defeat this evil. (Are you listening, President Obama?)

"As President George H.W. Bush and Secretary of State Baker once said to us, 'If you are serious about peace negotiations, call us at this number.' We are tired of everyone expecting us to do the dirty work without the other side being held to its agreements. (Again, this is for you, President Obama.) And if we are being forced to sign something that endangers us, we will walk out proudly rather than risk our country. We have heard about the urgency of the 'peace process,' but we have been here before and I suspect we will survive if this particular negotiation ends as the others have."

I used to be reasonable about this. See how much the situation has radicalized me?

Batya said...

I basically agree, sheldan, with one thing I just can't say, "Palestinian." By saying the word, the "P word," one recognizes that fake phony faux people. That's why I just refer to generic "Arabs."