Sunday, March 9, 2014

Following False gods

Here in Israel we're suffering/experiencing strange punishing weather.  Besides the stormy blizzard early in the winter, there really hasn't been much of a winter.

  • Clothing stores all over the country have been holding unprecedented 70% off sales for months already, unpacking new 2014 winter fashions and immediately marking down the prices.  Savvy shoppers are buying them up, but that means that next year they will need fewer new winter clothes. And that means that the sales volume next year as well as this year will be low.  And that will result in lower overhead budgets and the firing of workers, reductions in hiring, less income for many so less spending. That's all bad for the economy.
  • Insufficient rain means agriculture suffers, less fruit and vegetables, higher prices and fewer exports. That's all bad for the economy.
  • A warmer than average winter means that many fruits and flowers for export won't grow well or at all. That's all bad for the economy.
  • The extreme dryness makes the Land more susceptible to fires which endanger land, agriculture and human lives.
  • Please add your examples of how we're endangered by the dry warm winter in the comments, thanks.
All this is because our Israeli Government has been worshiping the American one and its President Barack Hussein Obama instead of following G-d's commandments and doing what's best for the Jewish People, Jewish Land and State of Israel.

Obama's shine is fading, getting tarnished. More and more Americans have realized that he's damaging the United States of America.  
However the Ukraine crisis is resolved, it will no longer be possible to rehabilitate American credibility • Given this situation, how much stock should Israel put in promises made by Washington?
photographed from The International NY Times

Obama isn't our president.  Here in Israel we owe him nothing.  We must disengage from the USA. We have no real choice if we want to thrive and survive. Being dependent on another country isn't independence.  It's the opposite. G-d didn't make all these miracles that facilitated the State of Israel for us to follow the dictates of the United States of America.


Anonymous said...

Hi Batya.

I don't know whether you or your readers know that today is the Hebrew anniversary of (yes, it's Moshe Rabbeinu's birth and death, but we knew that already) a very horrible, coldblooded massacre in the Black Sea 72 years ago of a rickety barge called the Struma with nearly 800 men, women and children on board who were trying to escape the Nazis. Instead of being exterminated by the Nazis (yimchu shmoteihem) they landed in a deathtrap set by the Allies as well as the Axis powers. Only one survived.

Read it all in Sarah Honig's excellent article, posted 2 years ago on her blog.

Lessons from the Floating Coffin

The point: We didn't have friends then, on either side of the war. They all wanted us dead, even while they were fighting each other, and the exploding of the Struma made it clear that the whole world was in on Schikelgruber's plan. Britain played a very important role by not letting these passengers set foot on Eretz Yisrael soil. We all know how many goyim of all sorts the British allowed - but they didn't deign to answer the Jewish Agency when they wrote for help several times to get them home. And we know how many American planes bombed concentration camps (0).

And we don't have friends now, either. Our government must stop fawning over the USA. Let's not forget that Anne Frank wasn't allowed there, nor any of her family (as you so nicely corrected me once). Instead of her grandchildren, we have an organization built around her. I can just see how they'll build organizations and museums for us when the last Jew dies or is killed (I think they'd prefer to kill him or her)...

...actually, no, I can't.

What should I say: Thank you, America, for the defense loans - that we have to spend on you? Thank you, America, for keeping a man prisoner who should have gone free long ago, that you would have set free if he weren't a Jew? Thank you for stabbing us in the back and spitting in our face, America?

It ain't rain. We know what's flying here.

(Well, actually, it rained in Yerushalayim yesterday and continues to rain today. B"H.)

CDG, Yerushalayim

Batya said...

CDG amen
Your comment is true and on target. Thanks for writing.

Anonymous said...

Excellent article, Batya. Also, excellent comment from CDG. Both saying it like it is.

Batya said...

a, thanks so much.