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Monday, March 24, 2014

Americans, I have One Thing to Ask of YOU!

Last night we had some guests.  Now I'm not going to give more information as to who the guests were, because I don't know if they want that sort of publicity. They came to us as part of their research on how to help the Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria.  I gave them my opinion and my husband gave his and no surprise if you know both of us or read our blogs, we didn't agree at all.

I asked them to do something rather daring, and I said that it's urgent. We don't have much time. It should have been finished yesterday or last month or last year.


I requested that they do everything in their power to counteract the popular all persuasive  misconception that they must obey American dictates or they'd lose American support. From the reactions of ordinary Americans I meet when in the United States, I believe that there is great popular support for Israel and its security needs.  This is very much the "silent majority" that the Republicans tapped into during Reagan's time. The people who visited us are part of that America and agreed with me completely.

I may be wrong but I see most American politicians as focused on how to get votes and rather flexible in their policies. I'll never forget an interview I read with an American political wannabe who when asked about his policy replied that he was waiting to find out what the polls said. Simply put, he had no real opinions but was willing to shape his policy according to what he perceived as the public opinion of the electorate.

American Congressmen, who have to be re-elected every two years, spend a very large portion of their time on their campaign. They are also the legislative power of the American Government. Whoever is President needs their support. So if a large portion of Americans join this campaign, then their congressmen will follow and the american president will be forced to follow, too.

This is an emergency, because Obama and Kerry are on a very tight schedule to create an Arab terror state here in Israel where I live. They don't care about the repercussions and the dangers to the State of Israel. They are totally focused on this aim of theirs. Obama's knowledge of history of this part of the world is very faulty and distorted. He is convinced that the State of Israel was imposed on a "country called Palestine." That's an out and out lie. There never, ever was such a country. He and millions of others in the world have been fed this lie for so long that they consider it an undeniable truth. And he wants to restore that faux that fictional country!

Obama and the others really don't care if this country endangers Israel, because they consider Israel as inherently immoral and illegitimate. They profess love for the State of Israel, because they must in order to be popular politicians. As I stated earlier, most politicians will say pretty much anything to be elected and stay on the "right side" of their electorate. That's what politics is about.

Most Israeli citizens are not happy with the peace negotiations and the demands on us. But they mistakenly think that we must agree in order to keep the American Government happy. The campaign I want our American friends to start, and start last week, is to counteract this dangerous mistake.

Please help!!!

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