Friday, March 7, 2014

The Ukrainian- Russian Template and the Dangers of a "Palestinian State" for Israel

I'll be perfectly honest with you.  Most probably because my mind is focused on Israel, I'm not a great expert in the present dangerously chaotic situation in the Ukraine.

There's a background we shouldn't ignore.  During the long decades, over half a century when there was a massive world power called the USSR Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, those leaders played around with people's lives forcing them to move far from their traditional hometowns and regions, which are now separate countries. Citizens needed permission to move if the government hadn't ordered a move.  So there are various "ethnic" groups foreign to their locations.  Don't forget that the USSR was one of, if not the, largest countries in the world.

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Now that the USSR has collapsed and separated into separate countries, there's chaos.  The  Russian President Vladimir Putin claim that there are Russian nationalists in the Crimea, Ukraine who want it to be part of Russia is a long-term result of that USSR policy.  BBC has a clearly written time-line that explains how the recent crises developed.

Now for the point of this post.  I'm not all that concerned with what's happening there, and I'm glad that United States President Barack Hussein Obama is distracted by it.  I suggest he tell his Secretary of State John Kerry to leave the Middle East and use his hyper-energy there.

Mahmoud Abbas
Gaza’s Hamas Prime Minister
Ismail Haniyeh
 (photo credit: AP/Adel Hana)
What does concern me and should concern every Israeli and pro-Israeli is the reminder that a similar situation could develop if we're ever forced into a "two state solution."  The so-called Palestinians sic in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley, could end up being co-opted in/invaded by the Gazan Terrorists and their Hamas leaders.

If that happens, we won't have your western dressed, photo-friendly Mahmoud Abbas ruling in our midst but Gaza’s Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh. Actually, I have no doubt that such a situation will happen if a Palestinian State is G-d forbid established. 

Let's take this lesson/warning very seriously and unequivocally cease all negotiations for a Two State Solution!


LondonMale said...


Anything between 160,000 - 300,000 Jews in Ukraine.
Nationalist groups in the interim government have a far-right and openly anti-Semitic element.
Chief Rabbi of Ukraine has spoken of dangers facing Jews there.

Shabbat Shalom

Anonymous said...

That is an excellent point in the last part. I mentioned on other sites that when Kerry spoke of Russia going into Ukraine, and brought up ALL the agreements that were violated, that This should be instructive for those negotiating with the Arabs. Those "pieces of paper", agreements, had absolutely no deterrent for Russia's actions. Does anyone believe any agreements for a "two-state" would not result in the same outcome. Only idiots and fools would think otherwise.


Leah said...

Gut erev shabbos. While I do agree that Obama is distracted by the situation in the Ukraine, I also believe he is using it as a further distraction- a distraction to fool more people into thinking he is a leader. A leader with strength would actually be rooting for his country (that he lives in at least) in and is currently ruling) note: I did not say leading and not trying (and succeeding) at destroying it.
It is a distraction for a little while, perhaps. Hopefully this will keep Kerry away...
On another note, there are several hundred thousand Jews in the Ukraine. Rabbaim in Kiev are telling those there to flee to Israel. The other irony is there are those who are being conscripted into the military (or at least to come to sign up via draft) and have come to know that it means no beards and payos; no shabbat; no kosher food and no learning.
My opinion? Another element of the ingathering of the exiles before Moshiach.
Interesting to note that it coincided with the gathering of Jews in Yerushalayim against the draft.... Don't know 100% how to interpret that, yet it is heavy...
I pray there is no two state "solution" "farced" down Israel's throat and that our brothers and sisters in the Ukraine will be safe.

Batya said...

a, exactly, thanks

lmale, Leah, yes, no doubt whenever Europeans are dissatisfied they will take it out on their Jewish neighbors. Many of the Jews of that area made aliyah in the two previous mass aliyot. Yes, Leah, there's an irony in the timing. The Russian army is what the chareidim are describing the IDF to be.
We Jews have one home and it's Israel. It's up to us to make this country better and not by copping out and criticizing from afar.