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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Israel is The "David" Not The "Goliath"

Israel is a very small country without many natural resources. When it comes to things that can be easily counted and measured, we're far from the top, and that includes our number of allies.  I really wonder if we have any true allies.

Even the foreign leaders who come here to profess their love coat it with "advice" and veiled threats that can destroy us. Offhand I can't think of anyone of all those foreign leaders who have come to Israel, praised us and refused to talk to the enemy Arabs. Even the Canadians brought gifts to Mahmoud Abbas and his P.A. The United States is the worst, because they demand that we profess fervent and doubtless belief in their mystical, fictional "peace process." They throw total uncontrollable tantrums when any Israeli Government Minister pipes up with an opinion that goes against their policies.
Diplomacy: Ya’alon strikes twice by Herb Keinan
US leaders regularly call Israeli policies into question, saying friends can talk honestly with each other. But when the tables are turned, all that openness and honesty is much less appreciated.
That's called hypocrisy. And that isn't how true allies react. The USA uses bully tactics against Israel.
Dry Bones

In the long run it will boomerang back against the Americans and all the rest of them.

Every time that an Israeli Prime Minister, such as Binyamin Netanyahu, orders a critic like Defense Minister Moshe Bogie Ya'alon to apologize to the Americans, he's acting like the Biblical King Saul who cowered along with his troops when threatened by Goliath.

Even when King Saul was trying to help prepare the young David to fight Goliath, he professed doubt that David would succeed. He offered the daring challenger his own protective gear and weapons, even though the equipment didn't off much confidence to his troops or himself. If those weapons and armor had been the key to victory, then they would have been used against Goliath.

David, who ended up succeeding Saul as King of the Jewish People, understood perfectly well, that it's not modern weapons, a "professional army" etc. that would guarantee us a victory against our deadly enemies. We have one ally who never sleeps and doesn't cost us money. That ally is G-d Almighty Who has no equal, no peer.

When we Jewish People recognize that simple eternal fact, we will be victorious and have peace. That is the true meaning of our being the "Light unto all nations." It's following G-d and observing the Mitzvot, Torah Commandments.

G-d willing, speedily in our day...


Anonymous said...

Well written. That's our entire problem, putting trust and faith in the nations, in technology and in men. If we, as a nation, would only put our trust in Hashem, we would be out of galut in an instant. This is what HE is beseeching His people to do from the moment we received His Holy Torah at Sinai, but we always think the other side is greener and. thus, lose our way. The ones who are really to blame are the ones in power (Erev Rav who schlepped along with us at y'tziat Mitzrayim) but where the little guy has no power, except for the real power of Tshuvah and Tefilah which will bring us Redemption k'heref ayin.

Batya Medad said...

I don't go for blaming the Erev Rav. I just try to lobby for a strong Jewish Government which won't be afraid of goyim. Calling them Erev Rav doesn't help.