Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Anglelina Jolie is a Lot Braver Than PM Bibi Netanyahu and His Government

We keep on hearing that even though pressure keeps mounting on Israel to make more and more dangerous concessions in the American brokered/mediated sic peace sic negotiations, it would be "more difficult and dangerous" for Israel to back out, disengage or just plain leave. Not only Moshe Ya'alon has been warning that they won't result in true peace.  Most Israelis admit that the so-called "peace" sic will endanger the security, the very existance of the State of Israel.

Everything our Prime Minister used to say about our national security before he entered politics and was elected to lead the Israeli Government is being violated by his cooperation with the Americans. It takes real guts to say "no" and walk away.

Recently all sorts of Hollywood and health news has been following the decision of Angelina Jolie to subject herself to major surgery in order to lower her chances of getting two genetic cancers, breast and ovarian.
After having a double mastectomy in 2013, that next stage would likely be to have an oophorectomy, a.k.a. ovary removal surgery. The procedure would combat Angelina’s 50 percent risk (the number varies based on the individual) of developing ovarian cancer, the disease her mother, Marchelina Bertrand, died from at the relatively young age of 56. Angelina’s risk of developing breast cancer and ovarian cancer was and is so high because she inherited the “faulty gene” known as BRCA1 from her mother and ancestors.
Just like Jolie decided that she doesn't need her mammary glands and ovaries, we here in Israel do not need the United States of America.

Israel doesn't owe anything to the American Government which has never truly supported us in times of need.

  • FD Roosevelt sent Jews who had fled the Nazis back to Europe and their death.
  • Truman originally refused to vote for a Jewish State when it was an issue in the United Nations.
  • The USA participated in the boycott of weapons to the nascent Jewish State of Israel.
  • American "aid" to Israel is a sham. Loans are not gifts, and the "military aid" is no more than shopping coupons which can only be used for American produced weapons.


Anonymous said...

Ok, so turn down the billions in aide that you get and pay for all the military hardware on your own. See what that does to your GNP and investment standing in the world. I suggest you do yourself a favor, even if you are angry at the US government try not insulting the American electorate whose hard earned money it is you get even if its only a "loan" and who supports Israel at a 72% rate.

Moriah said...

Israel doesn't NEED any help from the outside. Israel's economy is better than Americas. Any smart Jew knows that accepting aid from America is a mistake. Their are suffocating strings attached. As a matter of fact we will be just fine and better for it if we just say no, now. America's embrace is a deadly one that will ultimately come to harm the Jewish nation. Only the G-d of Israel can help us.

By-the-way, it was the American electorate who voted Barack Hussein Obama into office twice.

Batya said...

Elise, I'd rather Israel fully develop its military industry which has been restricted and strangled by all sorts of American "agreements."
Moriah, it's not just Obama. There's a long history. Obama just has more trouble faking his "liking" of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Elise, you are very uninformed. The $3billion Israel receives must be spent on weaponry from the U.S., so the money goes back to them. This has become unnecessary for Israel for a quite a while. This is not taking any money from the U.S. citizen. Israel would be very wise to stop receiving this grant and just be good friends and not be beholden.

Moriah said...

Yes, since before WWII. As Charles de Gaulle once said "A nation has no friends , only interests."

Batya said...

Moriah, good point. Thanks

Batya said...

a, yes, exactly

Anonymous said...

Anonymous I am not ill informed. The money has to be spent in the US but Israel counts it as part of her GDP.Thus making her own revenue higher than is reality. Of course it is taking money from the US taxpayer, whose money are they borrowing when its given by the US Congress, does it come from Tanzania? Do you not think that we could spend that money on other things rather than loan it to Israel?

I have no issue with Israel developing without American money. I take issue with the insult to the American taxpayer of whom I am one.

As far as voting for Obama. Americans didn't vote based on Israel, they voted based on gay marriage, abortion , healthcare, social justice and so ppl wouldn't think they are racist etc . Very few people vote for President of the US based on whether that person is good or bad for Israel including most Jews.So yes Americans can be pro-Israel and have voted for Obama. An no I was not one of them.

Batya said...

Elise, this sort of "foreign aid" is the American way of subsidizing domestic industry. It's good for America, great for the American economy and actually very bad for the Israeli economy. It's bad for the Israeli economy in two ways:
1- We don't develop our military industry for our own use.
2- We don't have the products to sell to foreign countries to improve our economy.

Anonymous said...

Elise Ronan,

We must put this foreign "aid" to Israel in context. See this article by US Congressman Ted Poe:

Crime pays ‑ for Palestinian terrorists

American tax money funds this too. YOUR precious tax money.

I don't care that the US gives much more in coupon money to Israel. NO money should be given to her enemies, who will use to commit war crimes against her.

Besides, America would save a lot of money if we didn't have to come up with such idiotic, EXPENSIVE devices as the Iron Dome to passively protect us. Quit stopping us from decisively winning wars and you'll see the need for supporting Israel go down drastically.

Unfortunately for you, the US needs us to be dependent on her. It seems the whole point is to distract us while the world gets ready to chow down on us. Yes, I really mean that. They want to wipe us off the map, but they can't say it out loud.

CDG, Yerushalayim

Batya said...

CDG, exactly, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous- I am fully aware of my tax monies going to the PA. No I don't like it. Quite frankly as only one person if AIPAC and the other holier than thou Jewish groups in the US don't do anything about it, what am I to do except write a little blog post and hope someone reads it? Do you really think we have a direct line to Congress or that Congress cares what we the voter really thinks about anything as individuals? BTW this wasn't the point of your original comment that was insulting.An apology would have been nice when you segued into a new subject.

Batya- Israel's economy is more vibrant than the USA. You have a higher growth rate than we do.You have just signed all kinds of agreements with India and China.Israel is only second to the US with companies on the American stock exchanges. And yes our tax monies is a way to subsidize the arms manufacturers in the US but remember if you didn't have the tax monies from the US to pay for it you would have to use your own tax income to pay for it. Adn quite frankly why shoudln't American tax money go to benefit Americans while it is also used to buy arms Israel needs. FYI the 3 billion for arms is not the only tax money that Israel gets from the US. There are huge amounts of money for R&D going to Israel from the US govt too. Besides if you didn't buy from the US who would you buy these top sophisticated weapons from anyway? FYI no one is stopping Israel from creating her own version of what she buys from the US either.
Money is fungible and if you didn't have our tax monies to buy these sophisticated weapons you couldn't spend your monies on other things that Israel needs.
FYI- please do become more independent. Please do grow, create and actually get to the point where you do not have to rely on any other nation for survival. I have no problem with that