Saturday, March 15, 2014

Havel Megillah Havelim, The Poorhim Edition

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Have a hippy poorhim chevre.  Here in Shiloh we've begun the annual Purim marathon.  Two days of eating, drinking, costumes, mishloach manot, charity and four-yes 4- megillah readings! Mishloach Manot for the megillah readers consist of lozenges and lemons. I'm glad nobody expects the ladies to read the megillah. As my wonderful real life f2f friend Isramom commented on facebook:
I guess it's still better than making two seders on Pesach...
She's right. So enough with the kvetching and bad humor and on with the show!

Havel Havelim is the veteran weekly Jewish blog carnival.  It floats from blog to blog coordinated on our facebook page.  You can submit your articles via blog carnival. Next week and the following week it will be hosted by A Damaged Mirror.  Please share, link, read, comment and join our community.

As has become my custom, I'm just listing the titles which should hopefully get you interested in looking at blogs you may not normally read.

I want to start with two other Jewish blog carnivals:
The Jewish Book Carnival
The Pre-Purim aka Adar Bet Kosher Cooking Carnival!
Israel Museum Fancy Dress and Old Masks for Purim Inspiration
Unholy Leftovers
It’s all about the beauty.
Purim, part II (includes link to part I)
A New Sanhedrin: A step forward or a leap backward?
Searching Out The Owner
9 Photos of Israel near Gaza Border
A Jewish Interpretation of The Four Blood Moons. Some Purim Torah
A Purim Post: The Waze Conundrum
Renouncing My U. S. Citizenship, Part 2
Clash Between B’tselem, IDF soldiers and Settlers
"Enclave" Insanity, ZACHOR!
19:49 - Color Red Attack
Early Purim Pics…
Haredi Draft Bill Passes: Now What?
Exploring nature with Israeli author/illustrator Miri Leshem-Pelly
The Biggest Mistake is for Israel to Trust Kerry and Obama to Mediate Peace
Will we be the Ten Percent?
Festive Orange Flowers for Purim
Strange partners for new beers
For My Beloved Country
Footprints in the Snow
A Thing is a-Coming
Kindle Countdown Promotion!
Computer Jobs in Israel (CJI) Salary Survey Result...
Testing Well and Smiling Widely
Give Your Matanot Le'evionim Even In The Rain!

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Esser Agaroth said...

Thanks for hosting, and for including my links.

Havel Megillah Havelim, The Poorhim Edition"

Batya said...

and thank you!