Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Strength עוצמה לישראל Otzmah LiYisrael Strength to Israel is What We Need

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The Jerusalem Post
I started my blogging career with by posting an article I had emailed out from a series of pieces, which I had called "musings," my feelings and opinions about life in Israel.  The very first one was "Strength to the Weary."  Although the Hebrew word I had translated into "strength" isn't the same as the name of MK's Arye Eldad and Michael Ben-Ari's new political party, עוצמה לישראל Otzmah LiYisrael Strength to Israel, I'd say the sentiments are the same.


Eldad cited a “vacuum” in the Right after Yisrael Beytenu merged with Likud and “sits on the same list as [Intelligence Agencies Minister] Dan Meridor” while Aryeh Deri is “pulling Shas to the Left to the days of Oslo.”
“There’s a need for an ideological Right that will say things that were forgotten: No obligations, no rights. The Land of Israel belongs to the People of Israel.”
“[Minister without Portfolio] Bennie Begin is proud of transferring money to Arab towns. Do they pay property tax? Do they pay taxes at all?”

While many of those Israelis who have very similar political opinions to myself are seriously thinking of supporting the NRP, by any other name, still the National Religious Party, I am not attracted to that party at all. 

One of the admitted major aims of the NRP and its wannabes is to be part of the ruling coalition.  IMHO that should not be an aim of an ideological party.  My feeling is that although most voters for the NRP consider ideology, Jewish rights and communities in all of the Land of Israel, important, the wannabes are more concerned with being ministers and part of the elite.  You'd think that they haven't noticed how tight Likud Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu ties the nooses around his cabinet to make sure they don't stray from his policies. 

Continuing on Bibi's leadership, I don't care how good some of the Likud candidates are, because they have no real power,as MK's or even as ministers.  That's what we should all have learned after observing how Netanyahu runs his government.  You may consider yourself as voting for Feiglin or Hotobelli, but all you get are Dan Meridor and Ehud Barak.

That's how I see it.

I aim to support
 עוצמה לישראל Otzmah LiYisrael Strength to Israel


goyisherebbe said...

I will be voting for Feiglin and whoever else on Likud primary day, but I will vote for the strongest force for victory on general election day. That will probably be Ben-Ari and Eldad. If they are coopted into a larger party, I will party with them.

Batya said...


Anonymous said...

More votes thrown away.

Watch this video regarding the US elections and think about how it applies here in Israel versus your perceived principles.

Batya said...

shy, sorry, but the systems are different. like peas & pears.

Bibi needs a party further to the Right

Anonymous said...

Yeh. Like all the "further to the right" parties over the last 60 years.

Have another one! They're so beneficial!

Batya said...

You don't understand. The reason Labor never destroyed Jewish communities is bcause they were afraid of Likud

Anonymous said...

I understand very well.

What you don't understand is the math. If many of you wonderful Dati Leumi Jews would massively enter the Likud, we would all be able to act together like squeezing out the toothpaste from the tube top by rolling it up from the bottom.

And the potential numbers are there. This could have been done years ago.

Instead, just keep going your merry own way. It's like spouse abuse. "Hit me again!"

Anonymous said...

Shy - Bibi owns likud. Bibi King. Look what he did to feiglin after the last primaries. By voting likud you don't get a say what happens after the election you just empower Bibi. 350,000 Jews live in an area that Bibi plans to empty of Jews. He said it at Bar Ilan, in the USA congress and in the knesset recently. Pretending it ain't so is like not believing hamas/fatah just want to step-wise liquidate the Jews from Israel and thus keep trying to make 'peace deals' with them at the expense of 1000's of Israeli lives. That's the abused wife analogy. If those 350,00 want to stay in their homes they must vote true right wing = Eldad and Ben Ari. There are also many truly Zionist Jews in other parts of Israel. If we all voted our conscience and didn't worry about trying to vote for the party that looks like it will get the most votes, the right would have 20-30 seats and make the difference we both seek.

Batya said...

Shy, listen to a, he/she's 100% right!