Friday, November 23, 2012

Stop The Blame and Start Taking Repsonsibility

We here in the State of Israel are in this mess because it's our fault.

I'm sick and tired of hearing about how
  • the United Nations only cares about the Arabs and ignores when Israel is attacked, "Hypocrisy exposed: U.N. ignored Israel's repeated pleas to act against Hamas rockets, then rushed to stop Israel's self-defense"
  • Obama/Clinton exerted pressure on Bibi, "The understandings are seen as an achievement for Hamas, which, since the cease-fire negotiations began, has demanded an Israeli obligation not to enter Gazan territory, including the 500-meter-wide buffer zone on the Palestinian side of the border. Another perceived accomplishment for Hamas is that the understandings do not force upon it the responsibility for enforcing the cease-fire on the other organizations in the Gaza Strip."
I can go on, but it makes me too sick and depressed to do so.  Yes, I agree with Arlene Kushner's description "grim."
"I entitled this posting "grim," because this is very much the mood of the nation here. From the right and from the left there is criticism of the ceasefire agreement concluded yesterday. Somewhere in this country there must be someone who thinks this was a good move, but I have yet to encounter that person. Unless there is a huge shift in the situation, it seems that Netanyahu and his Likud party may suffer in the coming election for what has happened."

How many times can we make the same mistake?  Déjà vu for sure.  I can just repost what I'd written before about leaving the terrorists to rearm with the extra danger of all of the information it has gathered about its fire power.

What's the Mideast word for cease fire? Reload
No doubt you've seen this one before, but it fits so perfectly.

But my real message is that our salvation, our security does not rest in the United Nations, United States or even the equipment in the hands of the IDF.  The greatest military leader we, the Jewish People, have ever had was King David.  And King David knew that our victories were/are only due to the Help of G-d.

2 Samuel Chapter 22 שְׁמוּאֵל ב
א וַיְדַבֵּר דָּוִד לַיהוָה, אֶת-דִּבְרֵי הַשִּׁירָה הַזֹּאת, {ס} בְּיוֹם הִצִּיל יְהוָה אֹתוֹ {ר} מִכַּף כָּל-אֹיְבָיו, וּמִכַּף שָׁאוּל. {ס} 1 And David spoke unto the LORD the words of this song in the day that the LORD delivered him out of the hand of all his enemies, and out of the hand of Saul;
ב וַיֹּאמַר: יְהוָה סַלְעִי וּמְצֻדָתִי, {ר} וּמְפַלְטִי-לִי. 2 and he said: The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer;
ג אֱלֹהֵי צוּרִי, אֶחֱסֶה-בּוֹ; {ס} מָגִנִּי וְקֶרֶן יִשְׁעִי, {ר} מִשְׂגַּבִּי וּמְנוּסִי, {ס} מֹשִׁעִי, מֵחָמָס תֹּשִׁעֵנִי. {ר} 3 The God who is my rock, in Him I take refuge; my shield, and my horn of salvation, my high tower, and my refuge; my saviour, Thou savest me from violence.
ד מְהֻלָּל, אֶקְרָא יְהוָה; {ס} וּמֵאֹיְבַי, אִוָּשֵׁעַ. {ר} 4 Praised, I cry, is the LORD, and I am saved from mine enemies.
War isn't simple Arithmetic.  It doesn't matter what our physical weapons are to determine final victory.  It only matters what our spiritual strength is.  That is what King David understood from the youngest age, when he was just the family shepherd, guarding and protecting the flocks.

I have no doubt that our Moshiach ben David is somewhere here preparing to save us.  And just like the Biblical David, he is difficult to recognize.  He (or is it she?) is difficult to recognize.  David did not look like a casting director's idea of a king.  
1 Samuel Chapter 16 שְׁמוּאֵל א
ז וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה אֶל-שְׁמוּאֵל, אַל-תַּבֵּט אֶל-מַרְאֵהוּ וְאֶל-גְּבֹהַּ קוֹמָתוֹ--כִּי מְאַסְתִּיהוּ: כִּי לֹא, אֲשֶׁר יִרְאֶה הָאָדָם--כִּי הָאָדָם יִרְאֶה לַעֵינַיִם, וַיהוָה יִרְאֶה לַלֵּבָב. 7 But the LORD said unto Samuel: 'Look not on his countenance, or on the height of his stature; because I have rejected him; for it is not as man seeth: for man looketh on the outward appearance, but the LORD looketh on the heart.'
יב וַיִּשְׁלַח וַיְבִיאֵהוּ וְהוּא אַדְמוֹנִי, עִם-יְפֵה עֵינַיִם וְטוֹב רֹאִי; {פ}

וַיֹּאמֶר יְהוָה קוּם מְשָׁחֵהוּ, כִּי-זֶה הוּא.
12 And he sent, and brought him in. Now he was ruddy, and withal of beautiful eyes, and goodly to look upon. {P}

And the LORD said: 'Arise, anoint him; for this is he.'
But there was something in his eyes, a strength, leadership, charisma and faith.  And G-d willing, we'll have the wisdom to quickly recognize the David of our time.

In the meantime, the problem is in us.


Shiloh said...

Great article, and you are right, we won't recognise him and even refuse to recognise him at all because the person does not fit the agenda of the writings of men. So the slander will continue, the dire situation will only get worse until we give in and return to God and not that of men. But we cannot see the forest for the trees. Thank God that the storm Sandy ensured that the modern day Pharaoh was reelected so we can wake up, sadly though like history has dictated in the past, we get the hard road. How sad we just can't do it the easy way. Shabbat Shalom and even amoung disagreements we are all in this mess together.

goyisherebbe said...

I fully agree that we need to take responsibility for the world, Israel and its Jewish values. I think that little by little we are moving in the right direction. Bibi has his flaws. Naftali Bennett is a move in the right direction to take responsibility on all issues rather than merely sectoral issues. Because of fear of losing Likud votes to the Bayit Yehudi, Bibi will not outrageously keep Feiglin out this time, and that is good. If Ben-Ari and Eldad get in and serve as a vital opposition to the right, that will be even better.

ellen said...

These are difficult times in Israel and introspection is called for on all fronts – especially concerning the breaches of our physical, ethical and spiritual borders. It's all about us

Batya said...

I'm glad we're all together on this one. May G-d give us the wisdom to finally recognize the Moshiach and not send Hm packing again.

Leah said...

WHile I was (and still am) davening for Israeli soldiers and Israel's jewish citizens safety, I, too want(ed) to see the evil from this world obliterated....I believe the cease fire is no good.

Batya said...

Leah, amen