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Monday, November 12, 2012

If We're The "Light Unto the Nations" Why Can't They See We're Being Attacked?

Dry Bones

I guess there are "lights" and there are "lights."  It seems that our light is blinding others from our pain and dangers.

Israel is playing a very dangerous game with the terrorists who are aiming to destroy us.  If we don't do what we must do to survive, we shouldn't expect any other country to do it for us.
IAF hits 3 targets in Gaza in response to rocket fire
LAST UPDATED: 11/12/2012 05:32
The Israeli Air Force struck three targets in the Gaza Strip early Monday morning following a 24-hour period in which Palestinian terrorists fired over 100 rockets into southern Israel, injuring three people...

Sorry, but that's not "proportionate response."  Three 3 versus one hundred 100 is worse than pathetic.  It's dangerous.  It gives Israel a failing grade for sure.  3% or 3/100.  What type of defense are we running here?

Israelis in the "affected areas," crazy euphemism for the millions under attack, are told to be 15 fifteen seconds from shelter.

cnn article
The Israeli media keeps on stressing how few casualties there have been, as if the Arab terrorists are just lobbing feather pillows and not firing deadly rockets.  Friends who live in southern Israel are painting a very different picture.  Ordinary "life goes on" isn't so simple:

"There were many empty tables at the wedding. Lots of people came for the chuppah and left.
I really feel bad for them.
During the chuppah there was a siren that we didn't hear. - called  my mother sms'd to tell me.
Another injury of the missiles..."

"This is the house in Netivot that was just attacked...
Across the street my niece lives....
I am shaking like a leaf.
Her daughters bed was full of glass. Baruch Hashem she is alive, NOT WELL!!!
(Physically they are great..)"

"Morning has arrived. Checking updates on the newspapers and Facebook sites.I want to have a shower, but am certain that as soon as I am under the water there will be a Red Alert. I am supposed to go to Tel Aviv to work but concerned about the drive which has me hugging the Gaza Strip (it takes me about an hour to drive out of missile range, and when you are driving outside the cities you don't even hear alerts or sirens. I want to go to do my medical clowning after my meetings, but that would mean driving back home after dark- an even scarier prospect in this war-torn situation . I am truly held prisoner by my fears through living in this area . And I am sure I am not alone. Life in the shadows of the rockets. Life on the Gaza border. Just thought you should know."

"We had a mortar here not long ago. No warning, of course. Short range missiles have no early warning system. Just the landing. I was outside with my dogs (but right near the house). Have decided to sleep in my safe room. Going through the routine of "abandoning " my bedroom and sleeping in safe room: Bring in dogs' bed, bring in laptop, bring in my pillow.

When you do not live it, you cannot understand what it feels like to go to sleep feeling threatened and insecure. My heart goes out to those hundreds of families who do not have the "luxury" of someplace safe, for their children and themselves, to sleep tonight.

Life on the border with Gaza. Things people may not know - but should.

"RED is a colour, not a siren. Please wear red today, in solidarity with the residents of the south, who hear the announcement Tzeva Adom, Tzeva Adom - Colour Red, Colour Red, and have to dash to a shelter within 15 seconds because of incoming missiles from Gaza terrorists. We in Beersheva have a different reality, rising and falling sirens, really scary, and most do not have safe rooms to run to. We demand that our government institute ZERO TOLERANCE for rocket fire from Gaza."
Just because nobody died or is physically injured doesn't mean that the missiles/weapons weren't aimed to kill us.  It just means that G-d in His great mercy has been protecting us!

To answer my own question in the title of this post, it seems that as long as the Israeli Government keeps on under-reacting, the rest of the world will ignore the attacks against us even more.

They key to our salvation, our rescue is with us, with the State of Israel, the Jewish People/Nation.


Yosef Hartuv said...

TY Batya for this post. This has been a very difficult couple of days and what you've written captures much of it. Chazak vAmatz

Batya said...

Yosef, thanks, so much. We're all in this boat together, whether in Netivot, Kiryat Arba, Shiloh, Haifa, Tel Aviv or Kedumim.

Miriam said...

Batya, I too want to say thank-you for your constant posting of events in the south.


John said...

The Jewish people haven't been a light unto the nations. They hide their light under a bushel. They are inward-looking and indifferent, even contemptuous, of other people.

Anonymous said...

re: comment by John. No. It's that the light of the JEwish people is like a zip disk (perhaps an out of date analogy). It has to be unpacked. The world suffers and it appears as if we do not care. It appears as if we care more about which shoe to put on first than we care about millions dead or raped. We say public prayers for our own but not for others and it seems as if we don't care. But we do care. The endgame of Judaism is REDEMPTION FOR EVERYONE. Therefore we MUST keep the Torah the best we can we are so intense and exacting with seemingly minute trivial details because deep in our heart we hope against hope that maybe just maybe THIS will bring Redemption for all of us -for all the WORLD. We ask "is it good for the JEws?" not because we don't care about the non-JEws but because we KNOW-if it is good for the JEws it is good for EVERYBODY. This is the heart of the pintele Yid. It's compact we don't communicate it well that is all. Hashem will open it up and the world will see the light. MEanwhile it is so SCARY and hard to TRUST HASHEM!!!!!!!!

Noise Blockers and Other Remedies said...

Please circulate the name of the injured soldier who rabbis are asking to daven for - he and 3 others were wounded in the missile attack on their jeep -

Name of the injured soldier: Ziv Raphael Ben Margalit

Also rabbis are asking to pray for his mother Margalit Bat Jamila who is very ill.

הציבור נקרא להתפלל לרפואתו של החייל זיו רפאל בן מרגלית. וכן לרפואת אימו מרגלית
בת ג'מילה החולה במחלה ל"ע.

Leah said...

Hello Batya,
I have commented on your sight sometimes. I usually read, just comment sometimes.
Weel, where to begin. Obankrupt has gotten in for his second term...sigh....We have called Nefesh B'Nefesh. we are starting the process. We know it will not be easy. My husband is making the trip soon to look for a job, living place, city, etc...The time has come. It is now......He and I feel(like many we know) like the end of this country has come. We have always had aliyah somewhere between the back burner and the front burner...yet the time has come......

Batya said...

Interesting comments, thanks.
refuah shleimah to Ziv Raphael Ben Margalit

Leah, I hope to meet you in Israel! I was just talking to someone in real estate on my way home from work. He's amazed at how the American economy has fallen. He sees it in his clients.

I say that most Americans won't make aliyah when the economy is good, because they don't want to leave, and when the economy is bad, it's "too hard/can't afford" to leave.

Leah said...

I hear you, Batya. My husband and I feel a calling, if you will, to come.
We know it will not be easy, yet I long to be there....things really are not easy in America for us- never have been, yet there is the ruchnius of Israel. We made a pilot trip when we first were married years ago and I was newly frum and newly married etc...and it was beautiful, yet it was a culture shock. Only after years and studying am I able to say now is the time...with age has come appreciation and love and the things that it takes to work through.....I hope to see and I will try to keep you posted/updated.

Batya said...

I'm glad you're ready now.

Devorah said...

Batya As usual with few words you tell a huge story.
Thank you for your support. I really do hope that you know how much it is appreciated.
S'dot Negev regional council

Batya said...

thanks' Devorah' may G-dgive you strength