Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Déjà Vu! Don't Give them The Ca$h to Buy Guns and Deadly Missiles

Déjà vu, again we go...

Just like the Oslo nightmare that armed the Arab terrorists with deadly police weapons they then used to kill us, this new "cease fire" agreement has been facilitating the filling of the terrorist coffers with the funding to build and purchase their effective modern missiles they use to kill and destroy Israelis all over the country.  Read Ruthie Blum's Israel Hayom article.
On Sunday, a truck filled with money was delivered to Gaza from Israel. That a large vehicle was needed for the transport was already a given. Not only does $13.5 million in cash take up a lot of space, but the procedure itself has been going on monthly for years.
The earmark for the dollars is the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. To be more specific, it is supposed to cover the salaries of the UNRWA employees stationed in Gaza. This is in spite of two facts: that Gaza is run by Hamas, a terrorist organization whose stated aim is to destroy the Jewish state; and that UNRWA never misses an opportunity to blame Israel for the plight of the residents used as human shields by their leaders...
It is, as well, the height of chutzpah that on Monday, the day after the money was moved — a mere four days after the Hamas-Israel cease-fire was declared — UNRWA Commissioner-General Filippo Grandi called for “the illegal Israeli blockade [of Gaza] to be lifted in all its aspects,” warning that if this did not happen, “it would be only a matter of time till violence resumed.”
Why do we keep on making the same deadly mistakes?

I remember attending numerous Women in Green demonstrations post-Oslo Accords chanting:
אל תתנו להם רובים!!!
Al titnu lahem rovim!!
Don't give them rifles!!
One of the "gifts" to the terrorists in that agreement, which wasn't negotiated by Israeli officials, was to allow the Pseudistians aka Palestinians a fully armed police force.  That "upgraded" their terror against Jews from stones to high-powered weapons.

The Gazan Arab terrorists are well-funded.  They get money to pay salaries and buy medicines, equipment etc and they get medicines, equipment etc and more donations.  There's lots of corruption, too.  And even when they are attacking us, Israel doesn't stop the flow of aid. 

Arlene Kushner has also written an excellent detailed article about how the recent "cease fire" aka "reload" is a danger to Israel.

I wrote once already about the fact that we are now permitting Gazans to come closer to the fence along Israel's border, while Gazan fisherman can go out farther into the Mediterranean. According to reports I'm seeing, there seems little question that these "adjustments" have taken place; but they've been done in a very low key fashion, with a certain amount of ambiguity adhering to the arrangements.
What particularly concerned me is this:
" Israeli government official told The Times of Israel. "Easing restrictions also helps reinforce the quiet in the south."
...What is most galling is that there is no equivalency to the concessions. That is, Hamas is not expected to give anything. Most specifically, there is no commitment to stop weapons smuggling; Hamas leaders have made it clear that they believe they have a right to do this and fully intend to continue:
"Gaza's ruling Hamas will not stop arming itself, the No. 2 in the Palestinian group told The Associated Press on Saturday..."
Moussa Abu Marzouk, deputy to Hamas' top leader in exile Khaled Mashaal, rejected demands that Hamas stop arming itself:
"These weapons protected us and there is no way to stop obtaining and manufacturing them." IMRA
Each time Israel agrees to something with the terrorists it strengthens them and endangers us.  When will we learn?


Neshama said...

in addition, the world bank is giving Hamas 6.4 million!

Batya said...

to replace the missiles already shot at us no doubt