Sunday, November 18, 2012

Real Life in The War Zone

Here's one of the public service posters about what to do if you may be under attack.  That means that although you weren't aware that your area is targeted, there's suddenly a siren or "boom."

Jewish Press

In Israel, depending on where and when your home was built there may be some sort of shelter.  Our Bayit Vegan, Jerusalem apartment had been built pre-1967 Six Days War, when all of Jerusalem was dangerous border area, so the building had a public shelter.  Periodically, even in the 1970's, inspectors would come and fine all of the residents if we didn't keep it clean, empty and usable.  We huddled there Yom Kippur, 1973, when the sirens blasted heralding the official beginning of the Yom Kippur War, after our forces had been surprised attacted in the Golan and Sinai.

Today all homes built or expanded, needing building permits, in Samaria, and most probably Judea and the rest of the country, must include a security room.  But thirty years ago when we began planning our Shiloh home, this wasn't required, so we don't have one.  There are a number of "public shelters" throughout the neighborhood, but all have been appropriated for "community purposes, " such as synagogues and study halls.

No doubt, most Israeli communities, like Shiloh, are organizing to assist families in need.  I'm going to list a number of posts from other blogs that will give you a better idea of how this war, Operation Pillar of Defense, is really affecting Israelis.

Last night an official spokesperson from Israel's "digital pr" department urged us all to participate in the media war.  This post is a contribution. Please read and share, thanks.

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