Monday, November 19, 2012

Operation Pillar of Defense, Rocket Shooting Competition

I'm finding this latest war against Israel, the  Operation Pillar of Defense, to be a strange one, sort of by remote control in a sense.  It's a rocket shooting competition on civilian targets.  The Gazan Arab terrorists purposely aim to murder and terrorize Israeli civilians, while Israel tries to aim only at the terror networks, but have no choice other than to hit civilians because the Hamas Gazan terrorists use them as shields.

Dry Bones
Even though tens of thousands of Israeli reservists have been called up to active service so far, as we approach the end of the first official week of the war, it has been more of a target shooting competition than anything else.  Israel has been using technology aka the Iron Dome to try to catch and destroy the deadly rockets before they hit civilian areas. 
  1. Unfortunately the Iron Dome gives people the feeling that nothing will harm them and then they take risks they shouldn't.
  2. Unfortunately the Iron Dome isn't 100% effective.
  3. Unfortunately the Iron Dome is relied upon as if it is an offensive weapon, which it isn't.
  4. Unfortunately the Iron Dome is defensive only and has no positive influence on the Arab Hamas Gazan enemy.
  5. Unfortunately the Iron Dome just encourages the terrorists to produce and fire more deadly rockets at us in order to give the "misses" more weight.


This is something our tech-crazy Defense Minister Ehud Barak frequently forgets. 
Defense protects us, but only offense will destroy the enemy.

On the good side, we have G-d and history:

We're soon going to be celebrating the Holiday of Chanukah, an example of how we Jews, a small nation and country with minimal fighting force defeated the mighty ancient Greeks.
Maccabees, annoyed, in unison: What does “hard” have to do with it?
Fortunately for us, the Maccabees were not discouraged by difficulty. If they had been, the Hellenists would have won, and Judaism would have disappeared. Not only would there be no Chanukah, but there would be no Judaism and no Jews.
The Maccabees, dedicated to an ideal and undaunted by difficulty, are indeed worthy Jewish role models. The world’s highest pole-vaulter has nothing on them!
And who are today's enemies?  We have many, especially because I include those who find all sorts of excuses to support Hamas, Arab terrorists and the faux fake Palestinians.

We must never give up.  The more determined we are, the more strength and miracles G-d will give us to achieve victory over our enemies.


Hadassa said...

In some cases the Arab civilians protecting the terrorists aren't "dumb". They're either fully willing to die for the cause or they want to leave the area, but are forced by Hamas to stay.

Batya said...

true, but the comic is still good

Leah, Maaleh Adumim said...

you can add to the list - each Iron Dome activation costs around $50,000, to eliminate a rocket that cost the terrorists less than $1000. at this rate they can win just by driving us bankrupt.

Batya said...

Leah, good point. and add in the price of building each one.