Sunday, November 18, 2012

Israeli Idiotic Extreme Leftist Media Revealing Too Much Detailed Security Info to The Gazan Terrorists

I've had Israel's "Channel 10," the third Israeli television station on and the young-sounding reporter has been explaining and showing exactly where the various missiles have landed and how much damage each has done.

I thought that was forbidden by law and can't figure out why their broadcasts haven't been totally censored.  It should have been beeped and blanked out.  The station and the news editors should be fined.  Instead of using our precious tax dollars to support this dangerous security leakage, the station should be permanently shut.

Financially troubled Channel 10 has reached an agreement with the Finance Ministry and the Prime Minister's Office on a payment plan for an old debt it owes the government. The deal taking shape is based on a plan worked out by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's director general, Harel Locker, which will provide for the extension of Channel 10's license until November 2015 and give the station a government loan of NIS 65 million - the amount of the channel's arrearage to the state.

The key to security is knowing when to keep your mouth shut, what to say and what not to say or show.

We're in the middle of a war here.  I don't care what euphemism the government is using, because a war is a war, no matter what percentage of reserve soldiers are called up.  The government's clever little word games don't fool the citizens.  We're not all that dumb.

Facebook has a page for people to read about real life in Israel's south

OPERATION PILLAR OF DEFENSE is showing us that the rockets the Gazan terrorists have been hoarding, collecting, constructing, or getting in their European "care packages" reach much further than previously thought.  White is now RED.

Israel is a small country, and just a bit of technological "improvement" can cause a lot more damage and death, G-d forbid.

That goes for those big-mouthed reporters who obviously were never really professionally trained.  Why are they making it so easy for the Arab terrorists to fine-tool their sights?  That's an example of how an enemy can use words against us.


Alan said...

information that "could" cause plenty of harm.... if they thought like you do.

But they don't.

The current presumption is, to attain TelAviv range for their rockets - they deleted the payloads - the explosive warheads.

Now why on earth would they do such a crazy thing?!?

For the same reason they risk their life to fire completely unguided missles.

Their act is not an act of war.... it is an act of theater. The intended audience is not Israelis. It is the Arab Nation and the Islamic Ummah.

They have two motives. First is attaining praise and applause.

The second is causing cash contributions. (Hamas really ==is== like the Kashrut Inspectorate.... a revenue-generating organization with a story to sell)

They are successful on both counts!!

You cannot win your war against Hamas by thinking like an Israeli. You have to learn to think like they do.

I am NOT approach the issue from a Left viewpoint. If it was me, I would firebomb the Gaza Strip out of existence.

But Israeli Jews are as ready to do that, as they are to stop granting Teudat Oleh to people who run around calling Menachem Schneerson "King Messiah".

I cannot yet know what would make a Hamas guy feel embarrased in front of other Arabs for wanting to fight with Hebrews; I don't even know if such a thing EXISTS; but I know that THAT's the condition you need to put him in.

Just having his wrist slapped until next time - is not it.

Batya said...

Alan, don't be so presumptuous. Never underestimate the enemy.