Thursday, November 15, 2012

Bed-Wetting and Other War Related Advice

I've been switching TV stations all day.  At one point I caught a child psychologist explaining to parents how they should react if their children suddenly regress and wet their beds or worse. 

"Don't get angry," the parents were told. 

I'm sure for equally hysterical, stressed out parents, those are word that sound better in theory than in practice.

Our community email has letters from people looking for refuge for "family from the south."  Shiloh is safer than most areas of Israel, safer than Tel Aviv for sure.  If you haven't yet heard, Tel Aviv is the target of the terrorists, and they are trying hard to get their missiles to hit, damage and kill in that major Israeli metropolis.

Inside view of Kiryat Malachi home hit by rocket
Photo: Marc Israel Sellem/The Jerusalem Post
Three Israelis killed in Kiryat Malachi; rocket falls in Eshkol wounding 3 IDF soldiers as rockets continue to fall on South; IAF strikes nearly 200 targets in Strip; 15 Palestinians killed in strikes.
Two booms were heard following an air raid siren in Tel Aviv Thursday evening, just an hour after a rocket from the Gaza Strip exploded in an open field outside of Rishon Lezion. There were no reports of injuries in either strike.

Yes, there's a war going on, and the real proof is that regular TV shows have been cancelled in favor of round the clock news on the Israeli stations, One, Two and Ten. What's most interesting is that the "mood" in the newsroom has become more "pro war."

Last night, it seemed like only Opposition Leaders and confirmed anti-Netanyahu critics were offered the microphone. And when someone tried to explain the government's position the nasty journalists kept interrupting and arguing.

I caught one report criticizing the people in the building in Kiryat Malachi which had been hit, resulting in killing and injuring residents.  A reporter showed the building's shelter which was full of junk.  When we lived in Jerusalem, I remember that inspectors came periodically making us clean out the shelter, and when we didn't do a good job we were all fined. 

HaMakom yenachem to the family and friend of the dead.
Please pray for refuah shleimah complete recovery to the injured.
May G-d give our government wisdom and our soldiers strength and success.


Hadassa said...

I do not blame the family that was killed AT ALL. I am posting this comment because of its importance. There are reports that the family stayed in their apartment because they were too tired to make one more run to a safer area. Who can fault them for that? However I also read that they were standing near a glass window. If, for whatever reason, someone is in a "regular apartment" with no "safe room", he/she should go to the innermost room with the fewest windows. Even being under a thick blanket provides protection from broken glass.

Netivotgirl said...

Hadassah, I read that the mother of the 24 year old didn't go to the 'merchav mugan' because he wanted to stay to photograph the events. He is not to be blamed but we should all be vigilant not to go out and look at remains of rockets. (Here in Netivot, hundreds go running to see the newest bombed house as a matter of course which is dangerous and stupid!) BOY are the BOOOMS of our artillery loud! Go IDF and may Hashem keep you safe!

Batya said...

Hadassa, very true. My house has too many windows and pictures on the walls. A blanket, good idea

NG, sad and dangerous. It's not a harmless show.

Hadassa said...

OK. I related the most sympathetic rumor that I'd heard being as I couldn't verify any of them. I see some of these pictures and videos and wonder if they're being taken safely.

goyisherebbe said...

I recommend to the government that they go in and not only knock out the missile batteries but bulldoze the areas and send the population running. Israel should cut all the supply lines, bomb tunnels, turn off water, electricity, destroy infrastructure systematically and offer the people free passage out of the country. Destroy evil utterly. Israel should announce to the UN when it calls for a cease-fire, "You don't tell us when to stop, we will tell you when we stop." The objective should be VICTORY, unconditional surrender by the enemy. Do it for keeps. Can't they run robot tanks and minimize casualties? Bet they have the technology to do it.

Batya said...

Hadassa, yes agree
goyish, excellent