Friday, November 2, 2012

Just A Few More Days or American Elections are So Simple

It's true!  The American Electoral system is a very simple one.  It's very "American mentality."  Either you win or lose.  Either you vote Republican or Democrat.  Once the winner is announced the suspense is over.

As the 2012 Presidential elections race to the big day, in that final stretch, there is actually suspense.  Americans just aren't sure or they aren't telling the pollsters what their choice is.

most accurate, you can see that
Romney has an inch on Obama
Both the Republicans and the Democrats claim they have a chance to win according to the polls.  Now, according to the POTUS by height theory, the uncertainty makes perfect sense.  In some pictures, Obama looks taller and in others Romney looks taller.  The truth is that Romney is the taller of the two by about an inch.

Romney seems much taller

notice how this photoshopped pic
 makes Obama seem much taller

The Israeli Election system is so totally different from the American one. It actually is very much like that joke about the Jew on the desert island who built two synagogues, one which he'll go to and one which he won't.

I'd even say that the Israeli system is like a very complex Talmudic discussion, which Koreans are promoting as good for their minds.  After a while you can say that either there is no totally right answer or many correct ones.

In Israel, we vote for lists of possible Knesset Members.  We don't vote directly for a Prime Minister.  Most people vote for a political party with an ideology that matches their own, even though that party probably hasn't a chance to run the government.  At best it will be in the coalition.  Sometimes, like in the previous election, the real suspense was after the votes were counted.  Although Kadima had more Knesset seats, its leader, Tsippi Livni couldn't construct and coalition, so Likud's Binyamin Netanyahu gave it a try and the rest is history.

Nu, what a coalition?  It's the agreement that the leader of one of the largest political parties manages to negotiate with other parties.

So the truth is that in the Israeli political system, the real fun and suspense begin after the elections.  Considering that, and that Israeli Elections will be even after the American Inauguration, and I still can't figure out which parties will be running here, I'll probably be concentrating on the American elections for the next few days.

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