Friday, November 16, 2012

Operation Pillar of Defense, Observations and Questions

Let's start with two cartoons that summarize Operation Pillar of Defense perfectly. 

Dry Bones

Gary Varvel
The following quotation from Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has me worried:
I am convinced that the operation will achieve its goals. I am confident that we will strengthen our deterrence, and restore the peace, even it takes some time.

In the meantime we must conduct ourselves with composure and discipline, [paying attention] to the instructions of the Home Front Command. We must continue to live our normal lives, even during this difficult test, in order to enable the IDF to carry out its mission, so we end of this operation with the upper hand."

I'm not quite sure what he means.  What specifically does he refer to when he says "restore the peace?"  The previous situation wasn't peaceful, so what is there to "restore?" 

Also "deterrence" has been proven unsuccessful, especially when Israeli politicians keep saying they will do anything for peace

And his "upper hand" threat/promise makes no sense either.

The Israeli Nation is sick and tired of Ehud Barak's bombastic platitudes and threats.  Barak has no popular support according to the polls, but Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu still considers him as his IDF officer.

The official "goals" won't give us peace, just a break before the next round.

The goals of the operation are as follows: (IMRA)
1. Strengthening our deterrence
2. To inflict serious damage on the rocket launching network
3. To deliver a painful blow for Hamas and the other terrorist
4. To minimize damage to our home front
We the citizens of the State of Israel expect, no, demand that the chief aim goal of this war, Operation Pillar of Defense be the destruction of the terrorist enemy.  Wipe them out.  Don't just reduce לצמצם litzamtzem.

No country in the world would accept chronic terrorism as a way of life.

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