Saturday, November 24, 2012

And About Those Likud Primaries

I'd say the "cease fire" is good for the anti-Bibi candidates in the Likud Primaries. 

It's no secret that people are angry with Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.  They feel let down. 

I think that Mattot Arim's list will be very popular tomorrow in the voting.  I must admit that I got a list from people I trust as an sms (phone message) which is convenient.  I just have to take my phone in with me to vote.

In previous elections I tried to choose on my own, but now I just don't trust anyone of my old friends

I was surprised to hear that Tzachi Hanegbi was running again.  I love his mother, but I won't vote for him.  He no longer stands for any principles, other than opportunism.  He was in Kadima!  And Benny Begin may be a fine, honest, honorable man, but he has no ideological backbone.

At this point, after all that has happened in the past decade in Likud, it's important that the "powers" see that the primary voters who care about Jewish Rights in the Land of Israel are sticking together.

And to make it all worse, I don't think that the individual MKs or even government ministers have any real influence in government policy.  The bigger the cabinet the less power for the individual minister. 

Bibi keeps his cards close to his chest.  He does not "poll" the Likud Mks or ministers.  Bibi doesn't care what the Likud Knesset Members or cabinet ministers or even the voters think.  He meets with his "buddies," what was called in Golda's day the "kitchen cabinet."  As Prime Minister Netanyahu has a small circle of people he trusts, and they have a lot of power.  Unfortunately Ehud Barak is one of them.  So, when you vote Likud, you get ol' Ehud  barach, the guy who fled.

That's why even though I've been a member of the Likud for whatever reasons, I'm not going to vote for them in the Knesset Elections.

You must be asking yourself:
"So, why does she think it's important to vote for the Right wing Likud people in the primaries?  What's the point if they don't have power?"

The more strong Right wing MKs in Likud the harder it will for Bibi to enforce voting discipline.  He should fear that they will break away and join Eldad and Ben-Ari.  We must have Eldad and Ben-Ari in the Knesset to be a Right magnet.  I'd love for there to be a Likud breakaway to join up with them.  And Bibi actually needs them in Knesset so he can use them as an excuse when under foreign pressure.  The worst thing for him will be to be considered the party furthest to the Right.  More about that in posts leading up to the elections....


Dov Bar-Leib said...

Thank you for the list. Yes, four days after the Fall of the Dynasty of Shaul, Divine Providence has allowed us to pick up the pieces to help direct the spiritual direction of the new dynasty. The squeeze play should be on. Feiglin from within Likud and Naftali Bennett from without. Our version of Shaul is squeezable. The Shaul from 2900 years ago could resist political change until he died on Mt. Gilboa. Through the ballot box, G-d has provided a method to effect the political change to reflect the new spiritual reality in a peaceful way and far more quickly.

Batya said...

Some good news on A7 that Dan Meridor may not get enough votes in the primaries to continue. The big question is whether Bibi will have the chutzpah to try to distort the results like he did last time...

Shy Guy said...

For you Manhigut folks out there, the only place to get Manhigut's recommended voting list is at Manhigut's desk at your polling station.

Every year there are blatant liars standing around, claiming to be from Manhigut and handing out lists. They are working for other candidates who have no shame.

Again, for Manhigut people, the Matot list is very nice but it is not the same as Manhigut's list for numerous reasons.

Batya said...

shy, so what's the list? I'm getting confused?

Shy Guy said...

I have not been out voting yet. Going soon.

I do not have the Manhigut list but I can tell from looking at Matot that, while the logic and the good intentions are all there, the reality of who to vote for to bolster Manhigut requires a different list.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

1. Kati Sheetrit
2. Dr. Gabi Avital
3. Yuli Edelstein
4. Ze'ev Elkin
5. Ofir Akunis
6. Gilad Erdan: There must be a reason why you skipped him.

7. Danny Danon
8. Tzipi Hotobely
9. Yariv Levine
10. Moshe Feiglin
11. Ayoub Kara: The Druze are the Bnai Yithro. They are not stam Arabs.

12. Miri Regev

13.? Ruby Rivlin is the granddaddy of the party now. He is actually a very good guy. He has tremendous yichus. He is a direct descendant of Rav Hillel Rivlin, the student of the Gaon and the author of Kol HaTor. Whether he will hold anyone's feet to the fire is another issue.

That is 13 even though one can only vote for 12. I know there is a deal with Yisrael and Chaim Katz to forgive them for previous bad behavior. They are on all the Feiglin lists. Silvan Shalom is also old guard. Maybe he has done teshuvah. He came out in support of leaving Migron alone. your call

definitely NO on Tzachi HaNegbi and Dan Meridor.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

I should point out that the Feiglin list getting in strongly is only a third to two-fifths of the battle. How well Naftali Bennett cleans up with the Sephardim in the South as we approach the General will have greater influence. If this works out as directed G-d willing from above, the hashgachah of the proximity of the surrender of Shaul last week to these elections will be impeccable. G-d willing.

Dov Bar-Leib said...

Now we all know. There will be massive corruption. The old guard will not leave easily. Evil pure evil. But we should have known better.

Batya said...

Shy, I didn't vote for Erdan. I remember hearing him spout utter garbage at the Jerusalem Conference a few years ago. I made a face and he somehow picked me out of the crowd and yelled at me. He and my daughter were opponants in Bar Ilan. She won. Maybe he saw a resemblance....
Regev is a Bibi spokesperson, isn't she?

Dov, Bibi proved himslf muddy.

Yoni said...

It is important to vote for Ben Ari in the coming elections. He is the true antidote to Bibi's political machinations,and not the softly-softly Bait Yehudi, who at the critical moment will throw-in the towel like they did in Kfar Maimon, in Migron and in the Ulpena neighbourhood.
Happy Hanukka!

Batya said...

Yoni, amen!