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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Is The War Over? A Report on the Israeli Media and Society

Just after I posted my rant last night about how the tax-supported Israeli television has been giving the Arab enemy airtime and that it must be war if we have news instead of regular programming, I returned to the living room and saw a soccer game on Channel One and some sort of local comedy? program was on Channel Two.  The failing commercial (financially unstable) Channel 10 still had their war news desk broadcasting.  This morning, the news desks are all back in action.

To be honest, I am very skeptical about what I hear from those stations.  Weather reports have been getting more accurate with modern technology, but anything related to politics and what isn't in Israel? generally has a very Leftist slant here.

Yes, that's the way it has always been.  The secular Left, the ideology of David Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir, Labor Zionism, has always controlled things.  They and their successors have been indoctrinating, preaching their "religion" since before the declaration of statehood May 14, 1948.

The secular Left has always controlled the universities, the reason why the Ariel University has been having so much trouble getting official recognition, the media, the reason why even during this war they feature Arabs and Leftist opposition politicians but not MKs Dr. Arye Eldad or Dr. Michael Ben-Arie.  The Left has been panicking over its gradual loss of the IDF to the Dati Le'umi (national religious) community.  Statistics show that larger and larger percentages of soldiers from Dati Le'umi homes and schools are going into elite forces and officers training.  There are two very simple and unstoppable reasons for this. 
  • One is simple numbers, demographics.  The population of Israel has been changing.  Dati Le'umi families have more children than secular Leftists.  This has been going on for decades resulting in many more Dati Le'umi army aged kids than in the early days of the State of Israel.
  • Two is motivation, the result of ideology.  Since Leftist ideology mocks the value of the Land of Israel and the concept of risking one's life or dedicating one's life for it, those youth aren't interested in the most challenging and dangerous (elite) units of the IDF.  The vacuum has been enthusiastically filled by the Dati Le'umi.
It's not just the Knesset, Israel's parliament that controls the State of Israel.  You can predict the future by checking out the various Maternity Wards in hospitals all over the country.

Many of my neighbors, Shiloh is a Dati Le'umi by ideology and religious observance community, don't even have televisions, and of those who do generally at a time of war prefer the news to sports or secular Left humor.  The mainstream Israeli media's ideology doesn't speak to us; it speaks against us and our values.  With G-d's help, we'll take over that, too.


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I suppose you have TV because of Yisrael's media monitoring. You have my sympathies. Try not to look too much.