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Friday, June 1, 2012

Why?!? Why Are We *Israel* Encouraging Our Enemies?


What adjectives do you want to add?

The State of Israel is going about its quest for "peace" all wrong.  You can only have peace, the real kind, when you defeat your enemies so that they wouldn't dare attack you again.

For some peculiar reason, the Israeli movers and shakers and thinkers and media and academics and politicians treat the Arabs who want to destroy us like innocent little children, and they use all sorts of failed "psychology."

For the past couple of decades parents have been warned never to say:

"Bad girl!"

We're supposed to say:
"You're a good girl who did something bad."
And we're not supposed to raise our voices.  We're supposed to say everything very sweetly, even:
"Ooh sweety pie, are you confused? If you stick your finger in the baby's eye, it may be unpleasant for him."
OK, so maybe it works with kids. Or maybe it doesn't...  But it certainly doesn't work with Arab terrorists who are out to destroy the country and murder innocent citizens.  One of the latest in a long series of misguided mistaken moves, the Israeli government has transferred the remains of Arab terrorists to the PA Palestinian Authority.
Israel transferred to Palestinian authorities on Thursday the bodies of 91 Palestinian militants, saying it hoped the move would help restart peace efforts.
These dead "militants" include suicide bombers.  Why reward the terrorists and their families and supporters?  Desperation is weakness and weakness doesn't bring peace!

The PA is planning big celebrations in honor of this victory.
The Palestinian Authority leadership is planning to honor the remains of Palestinian suicide bombers and other terrorists with full military funerals in Ramallah. (complete article)

That's bad for Israel.

In another incomprehensible and illogical move:
Terrorist's Family Sues State, Receives Pension
The family of a terrorist whose actions were caught on camera wins lawsuit against the State and will receive a pension.

Does this make any sense?


Leah said...

One of my rabbi's was saying that when we bombed the Japanese in retaliation for their attacking Pearl Harbor it made pacifists out of the Japanese and we have never heard even as much as a peep out of them in a negative way again. One cannot make a truce or a cease fire. It is only a time to reload their weapons and create strategies.
The Falklands was another such scenario and time, yet then, again, we are talking about leaders who had real "sets" and did not care out all things PC.
We should have pushed back beyond the Litani River? Yes, but we should have carpet bombed the slop out of the beautiful city of Aza that has been taken over by those who teach theri own flesh and blood to kill themselves.

Batya said...

Leah, so true
The only way to ensure peace is to defeat your enemy, so he'll give up on the idea of fighting. We had it in 1967, but stupidly we gave them weapons and the confidence to use them.

nechama said...

Yes, it is exasperating to look at an article and watch everyone get surprised and shocked that it goes on.

Batya said...

Nechama, I've written this so many times...