Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Gazan Arab Terrorists Keep Bombing/Attacking Israel, and There's a Dearth of Articles on the Web

I just serched the Haaretz news site and couldn't find an artilce about the recent Gazan Arab terrorist missile firing on southern Israel.  At least the English edition considers it boring old news. I'm not surprised that the BBC is ignoring these attacks, but all Israeli news media should be making sure that their readers know about the war.

Nu, you say that there's no war going on if you don't read about it in Haaretz?  It's like that great philosophical question about the tree falling in the forest not being heard, so did it really fall?

Wow!  Now I understand.  It's the latest defense mechansism, war theory, weapon etc being utilized by the IDF and the present Binyamin Netanyahu-Ehud Barak-Shaul Mofaz government.  The most powerful weapon we have is silence! 

Don't let anyone know that we're being attacked, and then it'll be as if we're not attacked.  Nu!  That's how they worked on the Beit El "leaders" sic.  By having such a silent stoic -keep the kids away- evaccuation of the "problematic homes" in the ulpana neighborhood, there won't be any great evocotive pictures, so the entire action will be ignored by the media, as is if it never happened, or since the government so kindly provided a packing service, it should be thought of as humanitarian "urban renewal."

I know that I keep saying that sarcasm shouldn't be written, but...

Arutz 7 is publishing articles about the attacks on Israel:
Terrorists Fire Four Grad Missiles at Netivot
Terrorists from Gaza fire a barrage of four Grad missiles at Netivot. Iron Dome intercepts two of them.

I guess they're supposed to  take our minds off of the silent and cooperative sheep to the salughter  evacuation that happened right next to their Beit El studio and office.  Sorry, but I'm in a wful mood this morning. 

If you want a truer picture of what's happening in the Israeli south listen and read Arutz 7 Tamar Yona's report:

One of those she interviews is Miriam who blogs about it.

And just to remind you, Israel is a very tiny country.  Here's a map (Hebrew) showing wich cities are in the range of fire, up to 40 kilometers.  In the 30 kilometer zone are most of the places where the Jewish Gush Katif DP's now live.

Here's a translated version.  I hope it makes things clear enough.

We can only defeat our enemies if we fight them to submission.  Ignoring them won't help us at all!


Edward F. Villa said...

You know what would be IRONIC JUSTICE Batya?

If all those continued missiles hitting Israel struck all the heartless leadership that have knowingly sponsored terrorism against their own. Instead of more uprootings of Ulpana or Gush Katif, Let's see they that did that feel something for what they did to their own kindred.

And to all who believe In The Land and that do believe in God were if not by divine intervention spared from any destruction or injury from the terrorist.

I wonder if such an occurrence happened , what would be reported in the media ?

I wonder ...

Batya said...

Edward, G-d keeps making miracles to protect the innocent and give the unfeeling more time to wake up, G-d willing.
The media is a large part of the problem.

Netivotgirl said...

I agree with every word. However, since 'Ha'aretz' is THE left-wing paper here I think only they ignored it. I doubt that Yediot/ Ma'ariv (trash filled with immodest pictures,) ignored the recent rockets as Yediot's YNET did mention them online. But, you're 100% right:neither Bibi nor Barak have any idea what to do, so it's convenient for them to play ostrich, while we the '2nd class Israelis' pay the price with sirens and fear. I wish a few rockets would fall in the wealthy areas of central Israel "...causing no damage." You can be sure those ostriches would be forced to come out of the sand mighty quick!

Batya said...

I checked some sites, and it's like "old news" so I guess they weren't interested. Not their turf damaged...