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Friday, June 15, 2012

The More Land We Give Up, The Less Peace We Have

Sometimes it's best said with a picture, like the one above.

It makes me wonder why so many Israeli leaders, politicians, military men, media stars, academics etc refuse to learn from history.  Shimon Peres has even mocked history as a guide to the future.  He continues to harp on the same losing theme that we, Israel, must give our precious Land to the Arabs if we want peace.  It's a broken record for sure, Peres's new ideas and suggestions.

Peres and his ilk just play into the hands of those who want us dead, gone, yes, destroyed.  Too many people around the world blame us for everything and have a dangerously distorted view of reality.  We're considered dangerously racist, like Nazis, even though Israel is the one country that offers all citizens civil rights.

It's like a joke, but it isn't really funny when Global Peace Index considers Israel one of the least peaceful countries in the world.
The Global Peace Index ranked Israel as one of the least peaceful countries in the world in an annual study released this week, lower than Iran, Egypt or Syria.
The index, known as the GPI, ranked 158 countries and listed Israel at 150. Only one other Middle Eastern country, Iraq — number 155 — ranked lower.
Israel’s ranking placed it behind Iran, which ranked 128th. Syria, where an estimated 13,000 people have been killed in unrest in the past 15 months, ranked 147th. Egypt was listed at number 111.
Even war-torn Ivory Coast outranked Israel, at number 134. Migrants from the West African nation of Eritrea have been fleeing to Israel by the tens of thousands in recent years, and their country is deemed so dangerous by the UN that they cannot be repatriated, but according to the index their country, at number 122, is significantly more peaceful than Israel.

Who are the real experts?

The experts certainly aren't those who keep encouraging Israel to give away our precious Land!

Peace doesn't come from negotiations.  Peace comes when both sides don't want war, and both sides recognize the right for the other to exist and thrive. The Arabs are far from that stage in their viewpoint.  Their aim is to destroy us.  You can't "make peace" with people like that.


Anonymous said...

peace with egypt for 30 years after giving up the sinai.

Alan said...

The real world knows that Israel is exceptionally peaceful merely by the fact that Tel Aviv is the second most expensive city in the region (after Dubai). "Expensive cost of living" merely means that there's plenty of shekels chasing any available hotel room, any available taxi, any available hairsalon appointment, etc, etc, etc. So no vendor has any motivastion to lower his price. And since the shekel is quite strong nowadays, it's NOT because of any currency-arbitrage angles. In other words, people are voting with their feet to do anything and everything in Tel Aviv. Example: when the Filipino Battalion (UNDOF on Ramat ha-Golan) guys want to relax on their days off, do they go to Beirut? No; they take the long trip to Tel Aviv. That's a fact Jack, and you can take that to the bank.

Batya said...

a, As Caroline Glick said, we got a "cold ceasefire."
Alan, the real world doesn't want to know the truth.

Alan said...

>> the real world doesn't want to know the truth

wrong, wrong, wrong. Those who don't want to know the truth are not worth arguing with, not least of which is because they don't even support themselves, much less decide things. Please remember the old saying:

The people who think they're running the USA read the Washington Post; the people who think their grandparents had done an EXCELLENT job running the USA under JFK read the Boston Globe; the people who WOULD LOVE to run the USA if the District of Columbia would just get a Medical Marijuana Law, read the Los Angeles Times; the people who think they DESERVE to run the USA read the NY Times; but the people who DO run the USA read the Wall Street Journal...