Sunday, June 24, 2012

Common Sense, Caroline Glick and Naftali Bennett at The President's Conference, Jerusalem, 2012

By flashing my color-coded press name tag, I was able to get into the already packed, standing-room only/barely session of the 2012 Shimon Peres President's Conference in which Caroline Glick and Naftali Bennett were on the panel.

When I walked in Caroline Glick was in the middle of speaking, so I have no idea of how much I had actually missed.  Like many Israelis and Jews and people all over the world with common sense, I'm a great fan of hers. 

Considering that my opinions, ideology and life-style etc are very much the opposite of Israel's President Shimon Peres and the conference revolved around him and his philosophies, I didn't expect to hear much I agreed with.  This was Peres's party, and I recognize it as a fact.  I was/am blown away  by the amount of money his name can collect from abroad.  The conference was free to all participants and it was humongous by any standard.  It cost millions and millions of dollar$ to pull it off.  Those of my political opinions have no such money sources.  So it was nice  of the organizers to offer a bit of choice and variety among the speakers.

The session in which they spoke was called The Tomorrow's Borders of Israel, rather a strange title in English. The Hebrew title also sounds strange to my ears, גבולות המחר של ישראל. Maybe "the tomorrow," like the grammatically peculiar "the peace" are from the same grammatical/ideological source.  Israel's Left speaks of השלום hashalom, the peace.  Now, I look at the word "peace" as having a specific meaning, lack of war and aggression, including plans to annihilate the other side.  The sort of state that would exist if we had the Leftists' "the peace" is something else.  Simply put, it's a sham.  It's Shimon Peres's "new middle-east."

I managed to record quite a bit of good plain common sense and facts that were avoided by other speakers in both Hebrew and English of what Glick and Bennett said, including replies to questions.  I suggest that you listen to what they said.

One of the important points that Glick made was to counter the idea that  Israel must create/agree to a Palestinian sic State is to get the Arabs out of Israel in order to protect Israel.  Caroline Glick reminded everyone that those dangerous Arabs won't disappear if Israel no longer controls where they live.  They will become even more dangerous if ruled by Arab terrorists in the guise of a Palestinian sic government.

Please listen:

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