Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Seriously Now, Can We Trust The Good Judgment and Morality of The "World?"

Way back in Biblical times, at the first real meeting between King Saul and his secretly anointed successor King David, David refused King Saul's offer of the best bullet-proof vest, hood etc of the time and insisted that with G-d's help he would execute Goliath. 

King Saul and his entourage of military experts were incredulous.  No doubt that David's older brothers just rolled their eyes at the shenanigans of their annoying little brother.  His job was to take care of the sheep, not bring them food.  What was their father up to?  Could that old Prophet Samuel have had a hand in this?

It's no secret; it's written in the Bible.  David's strategy was the correct one.  Unencumbered by heavy personal armor he was able to throw those small stones to hit the giant Goliath in just the right spot to kill him.  King David's great success as a leader in the military and politics was because he didn't follow others.  He followed G-d.  His failures followed his sin with Batsheva, and in those chapters and voices, we don't hear David mentioning G-d.

As I've written many times, Israel endangers itself, its existence and security by listening to other countries and caring about what they say.  Ruthie Blum's latest article, she writes of how incredulous she is by the fact that the United States and other countries seem no more disturbed by the Syrian Government murders of its own civilians as they are by the Israeli Government's approval of housing for Jews in Judea and Samaria.

It is tragic that the obvious needs repeating here. Creating moral parity between the prime minister of a democracy and a dictatorial serial killer is not only the height of hypocrisy; it is the very phenomenon George Orwell devoted his life’s work to exposing and warning against.
Robert Spencer of the PJ Media writes of the double standard when it comes to the Muslims in the European media. And roger Simon, also on PJ Media suggests that Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu be wary of trusting United States President Barack Hussein Obama when it comes to the Iranian nuclear development.

Even if we just go back to Israel's earlier years and wars, we'll see that our victories were without the help of an allied country.  They went against "popular wisdom."  Yes, we were victorious, because we had G-d on our side.  With G-d as an ally, it doesn't matter that other countries and the United Nations don't support us.  Please don't think that I've written that we can just wait and do nothing. 
We must fight, make every effort to win, but we must not keep on consulting with foreign governments asking their advice and permission.

We do not need the permission of other countries to defend ourselves.  We also must produce the weapons we need.  It would be good for our defense and even better for the Israeli economy.


MAOZ said...

My sentiments exactly! Thanks for putting it so well.

Batya said...

MAOZ, good to hear, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Rapid weapons resupply pushed by Richard Nixon (an antisemite!) was a key to the outcome in 1973. Nations do help us out when HaShem wills it.

Batya said...

a, the agreement was far from "rapid." We were here in Israel then. Nixon and Kissenger waited until Israel had almost lost. Israel had been attacked, and instead of immediate help, we had to beg and wait.
G-d helped, B"H. It wasn't the American weapons that made the real difference.

MAOZ said...

IIRC, Admiral Zumwalt wrote that Kissinger explained that he purposely delayed the resupply because he "wanted Israel to bleed enough" to soften it up for the negotiations he was planning.

The younger brother of a close friend was KIA in that war. I cannot begin to tell you how much that expression "wanting Israel to bleed enough" frosts my gills....

Batya said...

MAOZ thanks, that's exactly what I didn't have time to look for. We lost two good friends in that war.

The United States was never a true friend of Israel!