Sunday, June 17, 2012

No PEACE Partner

The children wear miniature
 ''uniforms'' and headbands
 of the PIJ's Jerusalem Brigade.
Israel can't make peace with Arabs who are training, indoctrinating their children to murder us, as shown in The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center (hat tip: IMRA) and Ruthie Blum has written in Israel Hayom.

Display put on by pupils on their last day at a PIJ-affiliated kindergarten in the Gaza Strip

The amazing irony in all this is that the Arabs consistently blame Israel proclaiming over and over that "there is no peace partner to the Palestinians in Israel," while the movers and shakers in Israel haven't stopped in their quest to "make peace" with those very same Arabs.

And to be perfectly frank, the very idea that one can "make peace," like one bakes a cake or sews a dress or orders a slice of pizza is ridiculous, impossible.  It's not so simple.  There isn't a TNT (tried 'nd true formula for PEACE that can be easily adapted to the situation that exists, and has existed for over a hundred years, here in the Middle-East.

Very dangerously, certain powerful Israeli politicians keep thinking that they can pacify the Arabs by giving them Land.  Ehud Barak, who was Israel's Prime Minister and Defense Minister during one of the most terror-filled times of Israeli history, still hasn't learned his lesson.  Today Ehud Barak is not only Israeli Defense Minister, he appears to be the most powerful person in Prime Minister Binyamin Bibi Netanyahu's cabinet.  Barak continues to suggest unilateral withdrawal as the solution to our security problems.  It doesn't faze him one iota that the irreversible technique has never worked and has only brought more war and terror onto Israel and its hapless civilians.  Remember please that unilateral means getting nothing in return.

Netanyahu's Likud received a very large percentage of its votes in the last election from people who thought they were voting for a Right wing political party.  They wanted reliably Right politicians like Tzippi Hotobelli to be elected and those recommended by Moshe Feiglin.  Instead they/we got the policies of Ehud Barak.  Because remember that in a democracy, it doesn't matter whom you voted for the winner rules us all.

I can make this blog post longer and longer, but I'm just a blogger.  I don't get paid. I have another life away from the computer.  For more information and proof, I suggest you read and subscribe to Israel Behind the News, which is an excellent and top notch source of information and articles about Israel.

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