Monday, June 18, 2012

Susan's Havel Havelim and My Interview

Last week I was interviewed by Judy Simon of Arutz 7.  Here's the link to the interview.  It's funny.  I had so much information I had wanted to get in.  Her focus is on the person, the interviewee. 

A few weeks earlier I had spoken to Tamar Yona who has a very popular radio show on Arutz 7.  I asked her to interview me about the Rosh Chodesh Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh.  I don't know if the call from Judy Simon was because of that short conversation.  I discussed lots more in the interview.  Listen to it and tell me what you think.

And now for Susan's latest Havel Havelim at To Kiss a Mezzuah.  Susan has been one of the most generous with her time jbloggers.  She hosts every few weeks, and I along with other jbloggers really appreciate it.  Please thank her by visiting her always interesting blog.

We coordinate Havel Havelim on facebook, where we have a page/group.  That's where the Jewish bloggers sign up to host our weekly internet magazine, Havel Havelim, which includes posts about Judaism, Israel etc.  Personally I enjoy being part of that large jblog community. 

Another active member is Phyllis the Bima Ima.  Her son Sam needs our prayers,

רפואה שלימה

Refuah Shleimah

Complete Healing

Shmuel Asher ben haRav Pesah Esther

There are two other jblog carnivals, Kosher Cooking Carnival and JPIX.  For more information about KCC check out our facebook page or check out the jblog information page on my blogs, and to host an edition, please contact me.  If you wish to know more about JPIX and/or submit a post with images for the next edition, just click on the logo



Leora said...

Thanks for mentioning JPiX. And Refuah Shlayma Shlayma Shlayma to little Sam.

Batya said...

Leora thanks for everything.