Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Royal Temper Tantrums From The Israeli Faux Social Justice Mob

I like Westbank Mama's take on the latest development in the Israeli version of "social justice" sic.  Last summer they were all the rage in the media, and the government acquiesced like doting grandparents oblivious to junior's self-centred spoiled behavior.

Well I guess the government ministers got some good parenting lessons this past winter.  They finally said "no" to the "I want now" me-generation crowd led by upper class Daphna Leef.

Leef's latest gimme, gimme demonstrations were sans permits, and since Israel is a country of law, as the Left keeps telling us, you need proper police permits for demonstrations, rallies etc.  If you don't follow the laws you'll get in trouble.  Apparently after last year's great pr protest successes, Leef and company thought they were above the law.  Finally, there was a crackdown.  A little reality set in.

Protesters clash with police officers in Tel Aviv on June 23, 2012.Photo by Tomer Appelbaum
When the police said no, the demonstrators had a major temper tantrum:
The protesters knocked over trash cans and shouted chants criticizing Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Still, the car managed to leave the scene.
The police said Friday's protest was illegal, and that the demonstrators refused the requests of municipal inspectors to halt it. Protesters attacked the inspectors and the police at the site, the police said. Protesters cursed, spat and threw things at the officers, the police said.
Let's hope that the public will finally realize, recognize that there's nothing very "just" in Leef's organization and that her priorities are unrealistic and elitist.

The government and police must treat them the way they'd treat any other protest group without permits.  None of the official bodies expected violent reactions.  Last summer the Korach demonstrators were coddled by the government.  Instead of scheduled television programming on Saturday nights, we'd find ourselves watching the carnival entertainment at their protests as if it was earth-shattering national news.

I hope that the government and police will continue laying the law and teaching these rioters that they are not above it.  They should work hard and live within their budgets.


bracha said...

You really, really crack me up.
[from down-under]
Just 'temporarily' down-under.
Hope to be UP-THERE, some day.

Batya said...

Bracha thanks so much!
G-d willing we'll meet f2f here in the Holyland.

Howard said...

But you know something is wrong when the same Israeli manufactured and bottled Bira Shahura costs more in Israel than it does in England!

NormanF said...

Steven Plaut has written Israel is a country without law and without justice.

More accurately, Israel has been a country with two legal systems: one for the Right in which demonstrators are treated harshly, like Moshe Feiglin's "Zo Artzeinu" movement in the 90s. The other is for the Left, whose demonstrators get treated with kid gloves for breaking the law.

We can only hope the crackdown on Daphne Leef's movement, which would turn Israel into another Greece, will result in the equal enforcement of the law. I'm not holding my breath waiting to see the end of Israel's "dual justice" system but it would be a positive development if it happened.

Batya said...

Howard are those the regular prices in the same sorts of stores?

Norman, I guess it's "blind justice." They refuse to see the truth.

Hadassa said...

The price of food, virtually everywhere, if not everywhere in the world, is determined more by subsidies, taxes and import duties than the actual cost of producing - growing, harvesting, processing, transporting etc. - the products. Subsidies includes subsidies to encourage export, which imports foreign currency.

Batya said...

Hadassa, thanks, makes sense.