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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Israel Isn't Alone in Under-Reacting To the Arab/Muslim Threat

All of the world is in danger.  If you've ever learned European History, you'd know that this isn't the first time that the Muslims have tried to take over the world.


This short documentary describes the glorious rule of Muslim Moors in what is now Spain. A forgotten history is remembered. Visit www.IslamicVideos.net for more videos like this!
Is this the history you learned?  Watch and listen carefully.

Dry Bones old cartoon says/pictures it very well. 

Dry Bones

The Europe of today isn't the same one as fifty years ago or even twenty years ago.  Look at the demographics and look at the Islamic philosophy and aim.  Israel isn't the only country in danger.  And we're not the only country fighting with the wrong weapons.

The IDF Responds with "Ballerina Steps" by Arie Egozi
The severe incident this morning on the Egyptian border, near the Gaza Strip, was predictable. The terrorists realized that Israel is concerned, hesitating - and this gives them plenty of confidence. The results are severe. A Golani force charged and killed the terrorists, but this was only after the harsh result had taken place. In the past few months, the IDF have been reacting to fire incidents in the area with what is being called “ballerina steps.” It’s not that it couldn’t act differently, and not that it doesn’t want to. However, the hesitant political echelon is waiting for miracles. That always ends badly, and this is what happened this morning.

The attack that Egozi referred to is "Terrorists infiltrate Egypt-Israel border, kill civilian contractor."

Friends who live in southern Israel have been reporting sounds of weapon fire and military planes, but will our response really stop the terrorists?
An Israeli civilian was killed and another wounded Monday morning when a terrorist cell from Sinai infiltrated southern Israel in the area of Kadesh Barnea and opened fire on the Israelis' vehicles. Two of the Palestinian infiltrators were killed in the ensuing gun battle with Israeli troops in the area, while the third terrorist was either killed or escaped back into Sinai. Later on Monday, the Israeli air force killed two Palestinians traveling on a motorbike in the northern Gaza Strip. The Israel Defense Forces spokesperson said the two Palestinians were part of a terrorist sniper cell from Beit Hanoun and were not connected to the earlier attack along the border. Palestinian sources said the men were members of the Islamic Jihad military wing.
I doubt it.

It's not only Israeli leaders who are out of their league, consistently underestimating the dangers we're all in.
Obama just doesn’t get it by Shaul Rosenfeld
Op-ed: Islamists taking over while Western liberals, led by president, still deep in ideological slumber
It's this philosophy, lack of realism which truly endangers world peace.

There should be zero tolerance when it comes to attacks on Israel, internal and external.  What punishment is being given to the Arab youth that attacked a Jerusalem army base this week?
Fireworks hurled by Palestinians into the Ofrit army base on Mount Scopus starts large fire • Thirteen soldiers sustain minor injuries, while on soldier in moderate condition

We can't allow this to continue!

I'm not a scare monger; I'm a pragmatist.

Those who don't take me seriously are generally the type who believe in evolution, the survival of the fittest.  Right?  So, use those principles on what is happening now in the world.  If you don't strengthen yourselves and fight it, then you will see the Muslims taking over, because that's the proof that they are strongest and most determined.

The fight isn't over.  We still have a chance to stop the "invasion," but we must work hard and use the right weapons.


Anonymous said...

As a Sephardi Jew with roots from all over the Arab world, we still still speak of the Golden Age of Al Andalus - Muslim Spain that is. There was little Golden about Spanish Spain.

The only component missing in this video is the Jewish involvment in Al Andalus, which was substantial.

We must not forget that we Jews are a Semitic people from the East and are in a long exile of Edom in the West. We have more in common with those from the east than we think.

Batya said...

I posted the video to show that there are many Muslims in the world who consider it a very important time in world history and would like to repeat it. We all must be aware of that.

Leah said...

Thank you. It seems like most everybody is either sleeping, does not want to deal with it, or purposely wants to hide thinking that the problem will go away.....

Batya said...

Leah, you're right. It certainly won't especially if we keep closing our eyes to the dangers.