Tuesday, June 12, 2012

It's Time For Israel To End Its Abusive Relationship With Foreign Jews Like Roger Cohen, Norman Finkelstein and Peter Beinart

For the past couple of decades, psychology has recognized emotional abuse as serious a crime as physical and sexual abuse.

The negative and nasty comments, articles, interviews, speeches and books by foreign Jews like Norman Finkelstein and Peter Beinart should be banned, boycotted and burned.  Yes, it would be the smartest and healthiest thing for Israelis and the State of Israel to stop trying to please and take seriously people who have only negative and dangerous things to say about us and really don't care about our security and survival.  Like all other emotional abusers, they claim to love and care about us, coating their poisonous words with deceptive  sweetness.

There's a whole industry of anti-Israel criticism by Jews which has weakened us terribly.  Too many Israelis and that includes the government, academics and media unfortunately think they can get the approval of these prominent foreign Jews if only we'd... adopt their ideology and follow their advice/instructions.

The article that got me going on this topic early in the morning is an interview in Tablet with Norman Finkelstein by David Samuel, which starts off:
For three decades, Norman Finkelstein has been the American Jewish community’s problem-child—denounced as a hysteric, a marginal ideologue, and a self-hating Jew. Selfless and vain, highly emotional—sometimes hysterical—in tone yet relentlessly logical in his arguments, he is now an academic with a doctorate from Princeton whose attacks on “the Holocaust Industry” and public cheerleading for Hezbollah have rendered him so toxic that he can’t obtain even the lowliest adjunct teaching position at any community college in America.
Yet, like it or not, Finkelstein’s influence on public debate is by now undeniable, with his once-radical ideas having been embraced throughout the Jewish community, from his debunking of the idea of Israel as “a land without a people” and his diagnosis of a strain of American Jewish Holocaust obsession to his assertions of the immorality of the continuing Israeli occupation of the West Bank.
How could  someone like that manage to influence so many people all over the world? 

The New York Times always has lots of op-eds which spout the same sort of anti-Israel, anti-Zionist positions.  Prominent critic with the very Jewish name is Roger Cohen who can see the good in Iran and the bad in Israel.

The latest of these critics is Peter Beinart, described so aptly by Ruthie Blum.  I hate to even mention him on my blog, because I'm sick and tired of all the publicity we have been giving him, blowing up his book with all this free advertising as if there is something worth reading in it.

Unfortunately, the movers and shakers of Israel keep trying to contort the country into something it can never be and shouldn't be.  These critics and their ilk should be ignored.  The  State of Israel owes nothing to them. They are not experts in morality, defense, survival nor history.

We, the Land, People and State of Israel owe our existence and survival only to G-d.


David Tzohar said...

There always have been and always will be self hating Jews. It is best just to ignore them and their pitiful rantings.

Batya said...

David, part 1 yes and part 2 if only it would be so easy. They have influenced things here terribly.

Alan said...

>> influenced thngs here terribly

It's your own fault for defining them into the family.

Very clever of you to give them more rights & opportunities than you do to teudat-lokhem-bearing Druzim.

Really clever.

Steven Smith said...

Even if Finkelstein was all the things you purport him to be, would it change what he has researched and proven? Killing the messenger does not solved your problems.

Batya said...

Steven, he didn't prove anything. It's all part of his agenda.
For some crazy reason many Israelis take foreigners too seriously. They aren't experts in what's best for the State of Israel.