Saturday, June 16, 2012

"Tell on Me," Latma's Ballad About How Obama Endangers Operatives

Caroline Glick's Latma:

To the Leaker-in-Chief with love from Latma.

As I write this I can hear the television news in the background from another room  in the house.  The noise from the weekly faux social justice carnivals demonstrations sounds just like the Latma skits.

The "Tell on Me" ballad could be sung by Jonathan Pollard, since Israel handed him over to the Americans.  And as I've previously written, Shimon Peres was the man in charge at the time.  Shimon Peres was Prime Minister of Israel when Pollard was caught and jailed

I don't think that Peres wants Pollard freed.  If Peres had really wanted Pollard freed, released to Israel, Pollard would be out by now. 

For Peres to get Pollard out of American prison, he-Peres would have to admit his involvement, his guilt.  And when you go over all of Shimon Peres' mistakes, policies he supported that harmed the State of Israel, there isn't one case when Peres took responsibility and said that he was wrong, in the Jewish religion it's call תשובה Teshuva, Repentance.

Pollard's entire case was handled badly by Israel.  It's time for all of those involved to admit the truth, ask Pollard's forgiveness and get him out of America.

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