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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Obama's "Pollard Card"

The other night when riding home from a wedding with neighbors we were asked all sorts of questions about Jonathan Pollard and his outrageous and unprecedented time spent in American prison.  They asked good questions, and the answers we gave disturbed us all.

For over a quarter of a century Jay Jonathan Pollard has been in American prisons.  Officially, if I'm not mistaken, his "crime" (yes, he violated American laws and his employment contract) was giving security information to an ally.  Yes, the ally is Israel, and Pollard considered himself as doing a service for the Israeli Government, giving them information that as he understood, the Americans had promised to give Israel.  The two governments have treaties that stipulate information exchange.

Then the American security officials realized what Pollard was doing, and Pollard discovered that he was to be arrested he tried running for refuge to the Israeli embassy.  Israel wouldn't let him in and facilitated Pollard's arrest.

Once Pollard was in American custody the Americans went berserk.  You'd think he was a communist spy, remember communism and the USSR were serious threats to American at that time, trying to destroy the United States of America.  Pollard's resulting sentence, even after he, his lawyer and family had understood that his confession would bring him a lighter sentence,  was longer and harsher than anything anyone had predicted, including experts in American justice.

For the past few years, more and more prominent Americans have announced that they think Pollard had served long enough.  It's time for the American government to release him and send him to Israel.  But, Pollard is still in jail.

I'm neither a gambler nor a prophet, but I am a political observer and commentator.  I've always enjoyed politics, watching it from the outside.  I also get nervous when people are too over-confident.  Whenever I read a headline that states that Mitt Romney is closing in on Obama in the polls or that fewer Jews support Barack Hussein Obama than four years ago, I get this feeling...

At this point, I think that Pollard's incarceration is coming to an end.  His health isn't good.  The Americans don't want him to die in jail.  Elections are coming up pretty soon. 

I wouldn't be surprised if Obama will time a Pollard release close to elections, just close enough to give him votes of thanks.  And it will be too close to the elections for Pollard to say anything that could damage Obama.

Let's see if I'm right...

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