Monday, June 4, 2012

The Obama Scam-- Best Presidential Friend of Israel?-Prove it! Most Knowledgable About Judaism?-Prove it!

Whenever United States President Barack Hussein Obama comes out with his self-promoting statements, such as his being the greatest presidential supporter of the State of Israel or the most knowledgeable about Judaism, I can't help but thinking of the Honest John character in the Walt Disney Pinocchio movie-cartoon.
J. Worthington Foulfellow, also known to acquaintances as "Honest John", is the leader of the duo.
Always looking for opportunities to obtain money easily without having to work, he leads Pinocchio astray twice with promises that he can be famous and revered and never have to work.

One of the messages is that we must be aware of those who toot their own horn.

Just because a person calls himself "honest" doesn't mean that he is.  And just because somebody, even President of the United States, calls himself a good friend, supporter of Israel and expert in Judaism doesn't mean that he is.  I'm sure that if you asked former US President Jimmy Carter if he's a friend of Israel, he'd say "yes."  And if you had asked old Joe Kennedy if he was an antisemite, he would have said "no."

Barry Rubin has published a list of suggested responses, talking points to counter Obama's claims.  Here's an excerpt:
Finally, there’s the most important factor of all. The main damage Obama has done to Israeli security is neither so much in the area of bilateral relations nor regarding the Israel-Palestinian conflict but as a result of his regional policy in the Middle East. This includes his:
  • Soft line toward antisemitic, anti-Israel, and also anti-American Islamism.
  • Support for overturning the Mubarak regime and encouragement for a Muslim Brotherhood takeover there. During the 2011 crisis, Obama never even consulted Israel. The outspoken antisemitism, calls for genocide against Israel’s citizens, and support for anti-Israel terrorism by the Muslim Brotherhood have had no effect on Obama’s policy and brought no criticism by the U.S. government of that movement.
Rubin's article is worth reading.  I've seen some really bad ones on the topic.  One was so bad, I decided not even to link it.  It claimed to rate United States Presidents concerning their knowledge of Judaism.  It includes neither criteria nor proof and makes no sense whatsoever.  What it does prove is that just like Obama can't prove his claims, many of the articles supporting and criticizing him are also just empty words.  Barry Rubin's article is serious, so read it.


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Batya said...

good one, thanks Moriah

Tim Shey said...

I believe that Obama will lose the coming Presidential election for the same reason that Harry Truman won his election in 1948: Israel. Truman was pro-Israel and Obama is very anti-Israel. Since Obama is Muslim, he is the most anti-semitic President the United States has ever had.

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Tim Shey said...

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Batya said...

Tim, I don't think Truman was all that pro-Israel, but that's another story.