Saturday, October 29, 2011

What Ever Happened to "Direct Negotitations?"

In all honesty, if there was even the slightest chance that we could have REAL PEACE with the Arabs, the only way of getting to that state would be direct negotiations.  I don't see that happening.

Over the years, lots of countries, politicians etc have tried to "help" us by mediating.  Now there's a whole crew of mediators called the Quartet.  As Arlene Kushner writes, they haven't a chance.  The Arabs have gotten even more determined with the disproportionate and dangerous agreement to free Gilad Schalit. 

Think about it.  Over one thousand of committed, convicted, unrepentant Arab terrorists have been freed by the Israeli Government.

How does that hit you in the kishkes?

Why should the Arabs want to negotiate with Israel?  They know we're crazy and the longer they wait and the more outrageous their demands, the more they'll get.

That is unless our political leaders get the wisdom we keep praying they'll get.  The Prayer for the Government is just that.  It's a prayer to G-d that we'll be ruled wisely by the people entrusted to take care of us. 

G-d gave us all free will.  That means that we can make mistakes, and boy, do we make them.

And back to direct negotiations.  If the Arabs refuse to talk to us, to negotiate directly, without intermediaries, then it's clear, as newly cleaned glass, that there can't be peace with them.  It's so obvious I just don't understand how otherwise intelligent people can keep ignoring that simple truth.

The Arabs are not ready for peace with Israel!

So, let's just stop this farce, this horrendously dangerous attempt to make the Arabs "happy."  We don't have to listen to the United States, the United Nations, Europe, university professors ad nauseum tell us the big lie that we must have peace with those who want to destroy us.  We must destroy those who want to destroy us.  No more mister nice guy.


Keliata said...

The Arabs are being direct. They are trying to negotiate the slow genocide millions of Israelis.

Batya said...

Right, Keli, they're not shy about stating their aims. We should listen.