Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Sons of the Foreigners will Plant Strange Worship in Your Land

Posted by Jewish Israel

In the wake of the Waller family's and Hayovel Ministry's continued involvement with a number of communities in Yehuda and Shomron, Jewish Israel has been asked to issue an updated report.

Some of the information presented herein was included in the presentation given to Rav Dov Lior and the Hebron community council on September 14, 2011.

In this report, Jewish Israel exposes the very recent activities of the Wallers and those of their close missionary affiliates, such as Reverend Dean Bye of Return Ministries, who are active throughout Israel and have facilitated in bringing Christian missionaries on aliyah…more

Note : Jewish Israel has added three new clips to our video section, two of which are related to this report, and one concerns a call for the conversion of Jews which took place at Governor Rick Perry's Prayer Rally in August.


Anonymous said...

The Sons of the Foreigners will Plant Strange Worship in Your Land

.....LOL but Jesus, Paul, Matthew, John e.t.c are all Jews !!!

ellen said...

Well, in that case I guess you could say that they were strange Jews (estranged?) who gave a strange message to foreigners.

Bonnie, Texas said...

Shocked. I had no idea this was going on in Israel. Israelie's.....listen clearly. It is pagan. Send them back to the countries they came from. It is as much a threat to Israel as the Muslim's are. Educate yourself by groups so you do not let a single Jew fall for the 3-headed pagen religion. Rabbi Singer has many tapes to help you. Talk to your religious and political leaders and stop them from trying to take over Israel. The only non-Jewish group that should aliyah is the Noach community as they worship the one and only G-d of Israel too and observe the 7 laws of Noah.
Bonnie, Texas

Batya said...

ellen, thanks for posting this.

I've been very uncomfortable with so many devoted Christians making themselves "invaluable" here with their work and money. That's even before JI had shown them to be no more than Trojan Horses.

Keli Ata said...

Trojan horses are exactly what they are.

I've read many JI reports but this one is the most disturbing and shows the magnitute of the problems.

YMedad said...

My response to the attack on me.