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Friday, October 7, 2011

Trying to Repent, Do Better. Please Forgive Me. I'm Sorry

I'm joining the many bloggers who are using our blogs to publically ask forgiveness for offending, sinning against any of you out there in the big anonymous internet.  Rafi G. has done it very well, very eloquently.  And Heshy, who flirts with the "red lines" and blogs to "amuse" has also asked our forgiveness.  Those two very popular and different/contrasting style jbloggers have both taken the time to ask you readers for forgiveness, so I decided that I, too, must do the same.

There are two types of sins.  One type is relatively easy to repent.  That's because they involve us and G-d.  G-d is easy to find.  He's all around us, full-time.  G-d never takes vacation or goes off-line.  G-d is also merciful and constantly on call, waiting for us to ask.  There's no need for a keyboard or modem. 

With all of G-d's power, there's one thing G-d can't do.  That's to forgive the sins between man and our fellow man.  He's the wrong address for that.

Many times our sins against other people are totally unintentional.  It's because we're careless with our words.  Words are so powerful and so easy to miss-use.  Frequently we have no idea that we've offended someone with our careless or not so "clever" words. 

I've been blogging for years.  My posts reach far and wide. 
  • I honestly hope that my words haven't hurt anyone.  My intention isn't to harm.
  • I do tell the truth as I see it. 
  • I try to credit others when due, not to quote without a source. 
  • I try to be accurate, not exaggerate.
In my prayers and in the synagogue I've been trying to show G-d how sorry I am for the sins against Him, the G-d Almighty, but that's not enough.

To all of you out there.... please forgive me...


Keliata said...

No need to forgive you sister:)

But I do ask your forgiveness for things I have written out of ignorance and at times anger or passion, especially a post comment several weeks ago.

Please forgive me.

Batya said...

Keli, you're forgiven.
Nobody is perfect; we all must do teshuva.

Shy Guy said...

I do not forgive all the commenters going under the generic alias name "anonymous" - NEVER! :)

And you know who you are! :)

Batya said...

Shy, good point. Thanks

Lady-Light said...

Please forgive me for not commenting often enough on your blogs (I have until Hoshana Raba to ask for forgiveness)!
Also, can you add my site to your blogroll? I noticed it's...gone...

Batya said...

ll, you're forgiven. And your blog is on me-ander's sidebar. I always know when you've posted.