Friday, October 28, 2011

Israel's Right to Self-Defense, Lop-Sided Prisoner Exchanges Endanger Us

Let's start with HonestReporting's excellent slideshow

Maybe I missed something, but I never quite caught on to the reason why the State of Israel took on responsibility for paying for this Ilan Grapel's release from Egypt with prisoners.

Why is Jonathan Pollard still in an American jail?

Don't forget that the Arab terrorists aren't stupid, cruel and violent, but not stupid:
Hamas TV: Kidnap 6 more Israeli soldiers and free remaining 6,000 prisoners


Keliata said...

The Grapel deal is even more dangerous IMO than the Shalit one. In Grapel's case, Egypt made demands on Israel and the US supposedly (though they know deny it) offered to sell F16s in exchange for Grapel's release.

He has dual US/Israeli citizenship. That terrorist regimes can put pressure on two governments on any Israeli with dual citizenship!

A "legal" means of supporting Israel's enemies with a wink, wink from the anti-Israel governments.

Batya said...

Keli, good point. That's the truth.