Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shalit Exchange, Different Opinions

Yes, too many people in the world see the 1,027 released terrorists as just prisoners, not as convicted Arab terrorist murderers.

A neighbor of mine, Jacques Bloemhof, did a survey/poll to see how many people are for and against the exchange agreement to release/pardon 1,027 convicted Arab terrorists in order that Gilad Shalit be returned home from his Hamas Arab terror jail.

The results are:
53 replies
against 35,  66.04%
in favor 16,  30.19%
no opinion 2
Davka, post-Shalit exchange, a Sarid Institute poll for Israel's Channel 2 shows Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu more popular than ever, 41% of the public want him as leader, and Likud would trounce Kadima and Labor if elections would be held now.

Obviously, these two polls asked different publics.


Shy Guy said...

"Obviously, these two polls asked different publics."

Incorrect assumption. The first poll says almost 2/3s of the respondents disapprove of the Shalit deal.

The 2nd poll says that when the known choices for political leadership are Likud, Kadima and Labor, the Likud wins.

Well, duh! Labor has been ripped apart from within and Kadima full of useless idiots.

The lesser of 3 evils wins.

Apples and oranges.

Batya said...

Shy, thanks, I didn't catch that. I believed the guess that Bibi's popularity was davka because of the Shalit deal. Obviously that isn't the reason 41% want him.

goyisherebbe said...

The problem is that the smaller right-wing and religious parties are perceived as sectoral "shtieblach" which cannot be a home for the average non-settler, right-of-center, traditional without kipa Israeli. A party has historically not just been who you vote for but a social organization of people who you hang out with and once (like the Histadrut) took care of you from cradle to grave. How do we change that popular sensibility? How do we counteract the media brainwashing?

goyisherebbe said...

Also the right-wing and knitted kipa public has had its successes in establishing communities in Yesha, but there has been a string of defeats, the largest being the expulsion from Gush Katif. So we have a contradictory media image of settlers as dangerous extremists on one hand and foolish losers who dance with those who throw them out of their homes on the other. Neither attracts the general public.

Keliata said...

I wish there were a fourth option--conflicted. Disgusted with the release of terrorists, knowing people like the Fogel family will be easy prey for these terrorist.

Yet relieved that the boy was freed after five years of "life" living underground.

I read that Netanyahu is going to greet Ilan Grapel when he's released, again his freedom bought by the release of convicted prisoners.

I pray this doesn't become a habit with Bibi, and that he'll do more to fight terrorism and rescue hostages quicker and military force.

Keliata said...

Follow up to my previous comment: The US is just as bad if not worse when it comes to Grapel:

While Israel is freeding 25 Egyptian prisoners, the US is set to sell F-16s to Egypt.

(In case people aren't following the Grapel story, he has dual US/Israeli citizenship. I hope to G-d they didn't target him specifically to benefit from the US and Israel).

Batya said...

goyish, first those kippost are crocheted (one needle)
NRP (even with the name change, still the same leadership and mentality) and NU are very different types of parties. NRP leadership is very closed.
NU doesn't know how to use its potential. Tragically sad.

keli, all these exchanges are just making the Arab terrorists braver. They have nothing to lose.