Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tough Act to Follow, Gilad and Noam Shalit Finally Together

Here's the movie/youtube of Gilad Shalit exiting the plane, meeting Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and then embracing his father.

Now for the rest of his life to begin.

I'll be posting more about the Shalit deal and Arab terrorism, G-d willing, tomorrow.


Hadassa said...

I'm probably going to be attacked for this, but I just can't be happy about it. Gilad could have been freed years ago, without a prisoner exchange, if only the Israeli government had cared more about a soldier than about world opinion. Even now "the world" will say that Israel isn't doing enough. Even the left-wing has this to say:

"The day after the abduction, a defense official well-versed in hostage negotiations advised then-Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to close a deal immediately. “Give Hamas 250 people and it will be over,” he said. “Otherwise, it will take you three years and cost you 1,000 prisoners.”
But Olmert opted instead to exploit the kidnapping to try to crush Hamas. The rest is history." (Amos Harel in Ha'aretz)

And I doubt that Olmert was attempting to crush Hamas.

Keliata said...

G-d bless Gilad. I am thrilled that he is home and back with his family, but I have utter hatred for Hamas.

The terrorists come out of Israeli prisons looking robust if not downright fat while this poor boy is pale as a ghost and looks like he walked out of a concentration camp.

Batya said...

Hadassa, for sure a better and safer deal could have been made, especially if the Shalit family had focused their protests against the International Red Cross, the UN and faux human rights organizations.

Keli, and I'm disgusted with our politicians and media.

Shy Guy said...

I disagree with the original advice of trading 250 pali-animals for Gilad, just the same.

Immediately after the kidnapping, jailed terrorists should have been summarily executed and buried in pigskins, one per hour, with each execution/burial video posted on the internet.

Simultaneously, Israel should have mass bombed Gazan targets, giving a 15 minute warning at the most - and that's being generous. This along with recapturing Gaza in increments from north to south and declaring the returned land as sovereign Israeli territory.

Hamas would then have been able to choose what they want to do: return Shalit in crisp mint condition or watch the martyr of the hour films and enjoy the firestorm in Gaza.

One way or the other, it would have taken less than a week.

Batya said...

Shy, yes, that the Arabs would understand and would provide deterrent.